MediaTek shows of T800 Thin modem for laptops and 5G CPEs

At the MediaTek summit today in Sonoma California, MediaTek took the wraps off its next generation Thin modem, the T800. The T800 is a product designed for MediaTek’s “beyond mobile” products ,this is IoT, industrial applications, CPEs and always connected laptops/computers, this follows up the T750 shown off a few years back.

MediaTek Summit 2022


The T800 is a 4nm modem that supports both Sub 6Ghz networks as well as mmWave, the 3GPP release 16 compatible product has compatibility with 8 channel carrier aggregation for mWave, and 4 channels of carrier aggregation on Sub 6Ghz networks, what that means in bandwidth mode means peak throughput of 7.9Gbps on download, and 4.2Gbps upload speeds, which is frankly terrifyingly fast, this is made even cooler by the fact that it is super fast whilst not cranking out the heat or chewing down on the power, but power gains from moving to 4nm more than offset the extra power needed for some of the new features.

MediaTek Summit 2022

According to MediaTek this is a completely different die to the Dimensity 9200, before someone had asked this question, I had assumed i was because the modem in the D9200 has these features, however the M80 modem in the D9200 was the codename for what became the T800, so this is not a Dimensity 9200 with the application processor and GPU disables, but a different, smaller die.

MediaTek Summit 2022

MediaTek wasn’t able to show any design wins yet as it is a brand new product and they’re working with Intel to bring it to more laptops soon. as well as work with their carrier partners around the world the integrate the T830 for FWA CPEs (Fixed wireless access is when you use a mobile technology as a static broadband alternative)

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