MobileTechTalk Team

  • Craig Bradshaw

    Tech enthusiast and Editor-in-Chief of MobileTechTalk
  • Aislinn Corbet

    Occasional writer and full time Android enthusiast
  • Chris Wallace

    Techie, Gamer, Biker
  • Damien McFerran

    Director / Co-Owner @nintendolife, @pushsquare & @purexbox. Also seen at @bitmap_books @eurogamer & elsewhere. #LCFC. Recovering Sega fanboy.
  • Mark Blackwood

    Mark knows how to make your Mac serve you even better when you are stuck in a foreign environment with a hope to achieve your goals without interruptions. His posts offer great solutions that work in practice. Follow Mark to discover how to improve your workflow and get the most out of your mobile and desktop devices.
  • Siddu Munjal

    Reviewer & Partner Outreach for MobileTechTalk - Tech is a key part of my everyday life and I would probably be extremely lost without it.
  • Domenico Lamberti

    Technology has been a big part of my life for years, whether it be ripping the family computer apart to see how it worked, playing with the new phones that Dad brought home from work. Senior Reviewer for MTT.
  • Kurt Colbeck

    Cynical, bitter, and speaks his mind. And those are my good points! I like to ramble and I love technology, so this is why I'm here.