Workflow Wednesday – File Picker

Welcome to week 3 of what has proved to be a popular series on Eurotech – Workflow Wednesday’s. Workflow is a fantastic app for iOS that will allow you to automate all sorts of things and make productivity and your general life much easier. Can I presume you already have the app and have set it up? If not check out my guide to getting yourself going with Workflow.

workflow app

Workflow Automation

Workflow allows for you to create your own ‘recipies’ but also discover thousands that have already been created online. Each Wednesday I will share one to help you do all sorts of things from cross posting to all your social networks at once to turbo charging your productivity.

This week’s workflow is the closest you are going to get to a file picker at the moment. A true file system is often the barrier to productivity on iOS as opposed to a desktop OS. This is an extremely simple workflow and works great, however it relies on sharing extensions built into the apps you have. For example you still can’t email a file easily – which is a real shame.

To import the workflow, simply go to the link above and tap on ‘get workflow’.

File Picker Workflow

Now What?

Put it to use! Try it out and see if it makes your life easier. As with all workflows, the real beauty is being able to edit and create your own versions so play about with it and see what you can achieve. Don’t forget to share it with us and we might include it in next weeks Workflow Wednesday!

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