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It’s the time of the year where everyone says “it’s good, but we’ll wait until Black Friday to see what more discount we can get”. We’re all guilty of hovering over that Amazon buy button and reciting the same things to ourselves. This year, Withings in particular have put together some interesting deep discounts for their gear. As we’ve featured them a lot over the last couple of years on the site, we thought it would be interesting to share what the Withings Black Friday Deals look like..


This article is published purely due to the author’s love of the products Withings produces. Withings supplied the infographic, but there is was no monetary (or otherwise) incentive to publish their Black Friday deals.

Withings ScanWatch

This year, Withings have some deep discounts, specifically in their hybrid smartwatch ranges. We’re reviewed a number of them, and I’ve personally purchased a few Withings devices in the past too, such is their quality.

Looking through the list above, my eye is drawn towards a couple of specific products; the Scanwatch and the Steel HR Rose Gold. The Scanwatch I reviewed in November of 2020 and absolutely loved it. It improved in almost every way on the previous incarnation, but the price could have been a bit too much for some to swallow. With £40 off this Black Friday, with other concessions no doubt being made at some select online sites, it really is one to watch. It’s still my daily driven smartwatch due to the excellent harmonisation of smartwatch features, with a smart-looking timepiece face.

The Steel HR Rose Gold isn’t a device I’ve personally reviewed, or owned. I selected it out of the list purely because of the quality of the finish on the device. Some prefer something a little more edgy or leftfield in the looks department, and this is certainly that. It might cater towards the more feminine crowd by default but it still has enough of a feature set to satiate the tech crowd.

This is not an exhaustive list of discounts. As most of you will know, you can find deeper discounts than directly from a manufacturer’s website elsewhere, but it does give you an indication of the sorts of discounts you can expect at your favourite online retailers. Keep an eye out if you’re after excellent smart-tech features, but something with a more authentic design than your average Apple Watch or Wear device.

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