What Is the Purpose of Twitter?

Are you wondering what is the purpose of Twitter? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the important things to understand. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Twitter you see. Occasionally there are diamonds in the rough you stumble upon; threads that impart facts and wisdom. For me, most of the time is spent ignoring inflammatory Tweets and blocking people. I might be doing it wrong, so I’m going to follow the guide below!

The number of daily active users on Twitter surpasses 152 million. Twitter is a leading social media platform. It connects people from all parts of the world, provided that they have a Twitter user account. Anyone can use the site, but it is primarily beneficial to business people, P.R teams, and reporters. If you are new to twitter, read our guide to get a detailed answer to “What is the purpose of Twitter?” You will learn the Twitter basics and how to use the site successfully for your individual or business needs.

How Twitter Works

Twitter is a popular social media site with a microblogging system. The system allows the users to create short posts known as the tweets. All the tweets must have a maximum of 140 characters. These characters may include multiple links for the subject.

You can only create the tweets or share the existing ones when you have an account. After the account creation, you may search the people or firms you know to see their regular posts.

What Is the Purpose of Twitter?

The popularity of Twitter has been increasing steadily over the years. Years ago, the site was only associated with lawmakers, celebrities, and well-known entrepreneurs. However, everyone can now readily use it for business and social purposes.

Here are the common uses of Twitter.

Business Promotion

As earlier mentioned, you can use Twitter for marketing your business and connecting to a global client base. You will only need to create a business Twitter account and then follow the right people. Here are helpful tips on how you can successfully promote your business on Twitter.

  • Follow the right people: target your customers only to reduce marketing costs. Also, increase the number of followers to broaden your audience
  • Engage your followers: your followers are your clients. You should, therefore, talk to them regularly through inbox or the comment session. Answer their questions well, and let them know you care about them
  • Use correct hashtags: followers consider the hashtags before they decide on whether to participle on the marketing or not. Customize your hashtags well according to your needs.
  • Be active: a strong online presence is a must for business people. You should log in to your Twitter account regularly to tweet and check on your followers.
  • Understand your competitors: find out what your competitors do on Twitter. Apply the same Twitter marketing tactics if they are successful
  • Use eye-catching headlines: ensure that your headlines are interesting to win the attention of your followers.

Social Connections

The second important Twitter purpose is social connections. The account connects you to the people you know. Just like Facebook, Twitter provides helpful suggestions on the ideal people you should follow. You can also connect to the people you don’t know and build a long-lasting relationship. You only need to update the right information on your profile.


Reporters and media houses report breaking news on Twitter. They also post essential social and economic issues affecting people. You can, therefore, use your Twitter account to stay informed of the current news events. The news can help you when you are busy at work and can’t access a Television, radio or newspaper. You can re-tweet the news to your timeline to keep your friends updated too. You can also download the impressive videos on your Mac using a Twitter video downloader to watch later.


Twitter is an open social media site for discussions. Millions of people use the site to share their thoughts and comment on other people’s opinions. The online discussions are particularly important in times where you cannot meet physically. You may hold helpful business discussions, development talks, and so on. Twitter discussions can help you get immediate feedback; improve your communication skills, and learn from others. Students can also participate in online Twitter forums to learn, share ideas, and interact with other students.


Twitter is a fun zone. It is an amazing site for sharing jokes, videos, funny pictures, memes, etc. For more fun, you can create an anonymous fictional account to enjoy, laugh, and share funny ideas in your persona. Twitter fun can help you relax, kill boredom, and stay creative. You should, however, avoid the extreme jokes which might be too direct on people.

How to Use Twitter

More than 22% of American adults use Twitter. Follow this step by step guide to create your account and to enjoy the benefits of the site:

  • Step 1: Sign Up

Log in to twitter.com and select the sign-up option. Fill in your details correctly. The vital user details could include your name and email.

  • Step 2: Optimize the Account

Twitter will ask you to add your profile pic as well as your bio. Add a high-quality picture of yourself and create a strong bio, mainly if you an entrepreneur. Your clients will judge you depending on your user profile information.

  • Step 3: Find Followers

Find the people you know and follow them. You can also follow the people you like or desire. When you establish a strong follower base, remain active, and post consistently. Also, adhere to the site’s terms and conditions to prevent the indefinite closure of your account.

Twitter Tips for Beginners

Here are helpful tips for growing your new Twitter account:

  • Tweet and re-tweet consistently
  • Share relevant links to your followers
  • Allow your followers to share your content
  • Avoid tweeting too much as your followers might get bored

Lastly, be patient. It might take time to build your profile and gather many followers. You can, however, increase your follower base if you tweet helpful content.

Join Twitter Today

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of your question, “What is the purpose of Twitter”? If you don’t have an account yet, sign up and follow the above tips to grow your account professionally. Learn from the already established brands and individuals, too, on how you can remain relevant on the site.

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