Top Three High-Paying Job Roles You Can Land With Cisco CCNA Certification

It’s a sure fact that one of the most effective ways to enjoy abounding career opportunities as an IT specialist is by getting certified. But can it be just any certification at all? Of course not! So, simply, the smart move is to go for the best and just the best of the accreditation vendors you can find around and among them, no doubt, is Cisco. As such, if you’re specifically interested in a fulfilling and rewarding career in information technologies, or just networking, then the Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate is what you need.

So What Do You Have To Know About The Cisco CCNA Accreditation?

As a matter of importance, you need to take note of some essential things about the concerned vendor-neutral certification. The first one being the fact that you can’t get qualified without passing a particular exam known as 200-301 CCNA. And, the second one, before taking this serious test, it is advisable that you have a certain level of experience in terms of administering and implementing various Cisco solutions, key knowledge of IP addressing, as well as a good comprehension of networking fundamentals.

As regards what you should expect during the official evaluation, you should be prepared to encounter a wide range of multiple-choice, multiple-response, and other forms of questions. All this you’ll be tasked to successfully complete in two hours. You may as well have to understand that this comprehensive test has been designed to cover key aspects comprising network and security fundamentals, IP services and connectivity, network access, as well as automation and programmability.

What Are The Top Job Positions You Can Expect When You Earn This Certificate?

The Cisco CCNA designation, no doubt, is well recognized and respected as a top-tier certification globally. Consequent upon this, you can be sure of getting the following high-paying jobs discussed below with their salaries sourced from

  • Network Administrator

What awaits you with this job role is the sweet sum of $60,551(£44,222)). And as regards responsibility, a network administrator basically performs installation, delivery, repair, and troubleshooting of all company’s software and hardware. As such, s/he is tasked with the function of comprehensive training users on telecom systems, and software applications.

  • Network Engineer

This job can bring you handsome pay of $75,330(£55,265). Note, however, that the role of a savvy network engineer involves designing, and creating effectively functioning computer networks for organizations or companies. At the same time, the concerned specialist would be expected to be well-equipped to troubleshoot and solve problems, and also back up systems, when needed.

  • Information Technology Manager

The average yearly salary you can earn with this position is up to $88,834(£65,172). Basically, the IT Manager is a specialist who is charged with handling anything related to a company’s infrastructure, which may include data storage infrastructure, access protocols, and so on. Moreover, the IT Manager can perform supervisory roles for teams in charge of the company’s IT security, network technology, as well as access protocols and rules.


As you can see, the Cisco CCNA certification surely yields reputable and fulfilling jobs that you can always bank on. In other words, once you pass this accreditation pathway through the 200-301 CCNA qualifying exam, you can look ahead with confidence and be assured of your successful career future. So, needless to say, you know what to do!

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