Top 3 Mobile-Based Antivirus Apps to Make Your Phone Safer

Most people use their phones daily for work, entertainment, and communication. For many, smartphones are so essential that anything that threatens to disrupt our usage may present severe problems for our business, lifestyle, or wider relationships. We chose top-3 mobile-based antivirus apps to allow you to stay that bit safer whilst using your devices, in a world that has ever-increasing attack vectors.

Antivirus for Android

Android smartphones are the most common mobile devices worldwide currently, and, naturally, they need additional protection. Choosing the best mobile antivirus is a bit of a minefield, and needs to be heavily considered. The top-3 Android AV apps that we believe can help keep your device and data safe are below.

Mobile Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a mobile antivirus that is excellent thanks to its multi-purpose functioning and pleasant and simple navigation. AVG has four main functions, some of which are available in free mode while others are included in the Pro version, which costs $14.99 per year.


AVG offers different types of scanning. It analyzes all the malware, viruses, and dangerous apps on your phone. You can scan the phone anytime, but the awesome bonus is that you can even examine other devices with its help. Although its detection rate is not the most distinguished, it is still at a high level.


The anti-theft features of AVG Antivirus are probably one of the greatest that we’ve seen for such a price. The app offers to find and lock the lost phone through the website. AVG even offers deleting all the information from SIM and storage card remotely.


AVG uses Camera Trap to take photos of people who tried to reach your phone. It also locks the specific app or folder not to let others access them. It also helps in monitoring the data online.


As a bonus, AVG helps to control the battery charge levels and reminds of the unnecessary apps or files. Its storage-use and task removal aspects also improve the device’s performance.

Mobile Antivirus


Bitdefender offers outstanding solutions in its field. Though its basic functions are available for free, its functionality expands if you buy the Premium version.


The app offers an anti-fraud defense, system scanning, and password management. The app’s capability for detecting threats is of the highest on the market. It also supports the functions similar to AVG, including wiping information remotely or tracking the phone. Unexpectedly, it is highly lightweight. The only disadvantage is that you have to choose the time for scanning yourself, but the app limits its impact on your phone’s performance.


Your privacy is of critical value for Bitdefender. It protects your account information, supports secure and anonymous browsing, and provides you with webcam protection. Bitdefender is known for its emphasis on VPN because it believes in a user’s privacy.


The app views the social aspect of relationships to be important in security. It has game, movie, and work modes to adjust its activity to your environment. This antivirus further protects your social network data. Parents may also breathe with relief: it has a parental advisor function! Its flexibility and adaptivity are definitely worth attention.

Antivirus for iPhone

Although many believe that the iPhone does not require any additional safety at all, others might need to consider such a possibility. Yes, these phones are known for their safety features, but sometimes, the backup may be necessary too. Actually, many apps specifically target the features that may be overlooked in your iPhone.

Mobile Antivirus

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security is one of the most commonly recognized as the first choice for iPhone security. Its advantages are numerous, and they will keep you safe whenever needed.


This app is exceptional at virus scanning. Not impressed? Everything good eventually becomes classic. Nevertheless, it also operates when you access the websites to report the potential threats immediately. Similarly to the devices above, the app also helps to lock the device remotely and destroy all the data. And it also has backup storage in case if you are anxious about your best photos.


Social Network Privacy allows you to protect all your accounts while safely enjoying social life. The app also blocks ads; therefore, it’s a real must-have for people tired of distractions. It also supports Parental Control, so it suits all family members. The app’s only disadvantage is its price: it offers its full package of services for $49.95, which provides support for five different devices per year.


The app tracks the threats in different social networks and manages passwords. It does not allow websites to follow your actions and improves the overall performance of the device.

These are our favourite three, but you should think about your expectations for each application. Think about your mobile routine: are you often in crowded places? Do you browse a lot of data? Do you have young children who access the device? There are many different reasons to safeguard your device, but there isn’t a compelling argument anymore for not doing so.

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