The 5 Best Translation Apps for iPhone

Just like so many of us, you might not imagine a single day without your trusty iPhone and the list of helpful applications that make things easier. Regardless if you travel or spend some time with a part of the foreign book that you would like to translate, your phone can become an ultimate helper for your daily translation needs. While iTranslate will not sound like something new to you, some helpful apps will keep you busy for days and might even inspire you to learn a foreign language!

Apple’s Translate

While it is Apple’s famous built-in translation tool, it is quite good when dealing with text or speech. It allows you to carry on a conversation in real-time. Just choose your source and target language or enter the text that you need to have translated. You can hear the translation and compare it with what a person says if you wish.

Google Translate

Before you will complain about this helpful app with over 100 languages like Icelandic, Welsh, or Afrikaans, let us remind you that it has a great camera mode. Just point your camera and let the Google Translate app help you with a sign, something you have been sent from the foreign bank, or a restaurant menu for your online order.

Translator With Speech

While it may not translate some financial or business documents, this great app lets you use your camera, voice and typing to combine it all together for a conversation. If you are ready to pay $0.99 for their Pro version, you can use their voice recognition system. Speaking of business or legal documents that we have mentioned, it’s best to check the websites offering online translation services with certificates. It is a requirement that must be met according to any country’s laws. Other than that, the Translator With Speech is a great conversation help app!

SayHi Translate

It is probably the best app for any foreign conversation because it lets you respond immediately as the app will read your translated text right away. It lets you tap on your language and talk while another person will do the same and talk to you without any delay. Most importantly, it is free and has no limitations, ads, or anything to distract you.

Siri Translation

Of course, our list would be incomplete without the Translate With Siri solution. All you have to do is ask: “How do you say ‘hotel booking’ in Spanish?” and it will show you the spoken phrase both in written and an audio recording form. You can hear it as much as you wish and learn the pronunciation with a detailed transcription.

What Translation App Should I Choose?

It all depends on what you would like to do! Your safest bet would be to try them all to choose an interface that fits your workflow. For example, if you would like to receive a quick consultation without installing anything new, you can simply ask Siri. Now, if you want to engage in a great conversation with a foreigner and have some fun, SayHi Translate will be your best assistant. Do not forget to install Google Translate app as it supports even some rare languages and has a great camera mode.

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