The 3 Benefits of a Magnetic iPhone case

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Our phones are complex technological wonders, and we rely on them for everything. Unfortunately, they are also very fragile, and easy to drop or crack. Having your phone shatter, or break from dropping it in liquid is a sure fire way to absolutely ruin your day.

The fragility of smartphones is why most people protect their investment with a phone case. A good phone case should protect you from the infamous screen crack. Yet, many people do not know that there are phone cases that can do much more than just prevent your phone from cracking, or why that is important. This is where a magnetic phone case comes into play. These phone cases are much more than your basic protection. Check out these three major benefits to switching to a magnetic phone case.

  1. Protection

Of course, what’s the point of a phone case if it doesn’t actually protect your phone from damage? Thankfully a magnetic phone case not only provides protection, but it can do it better than other types of phone cases. Since these cases are made from metal, they are extremely durable and shockproof. This means you can drop your phone from ten feet up, and there won’t even be a ding. Certain magnetic phone cases are also waterproof, like the HITCASE SHIELD Link. This magnetic waterproof iPhone case can be dropped in water, picked up, and immediately be made to use a call. No more running home to put your phone in rice- with this case, all the important parts will be perfectly dry.

  1. Car Mounts

The best parts of switching to a magnetic waterproof iPhone case are all the neat lenses and mounts that are easily attached to the phone. You can buy compatible car mounts that are quickly attached to your dashboard, and then with your magnetized case on you simply rest your phone on the mount- and it stays there until you take it off! You don’t have to worry about your phone falling while you drive, or figuring out how to attach it securely to a flimsy plastic mount. If you love to travel or find yourself often using your GPS in the car, this accessory is an absolute must. 

  1. Lenses

If you are into photography, you’re absolutely going to want one of these magnetic phone cases, just so you can easily swap out your camera lenses. You can switch between macro, wide and super wide lenses by simply popping them on and off your camera. The strong magnet will hold them in place until you want to switch, making sure they never come off unexpectedly.

If you want to keep your phone safe from damage, you already know you are going to need a phone case. Yet, you don’t have to settle for a boring bulky piece of plastic. Instead try out a magnetic waterproof phone case, the perfect case for an adventurer, creative photographer, or both!  A magnetic phone case will not only protect your phone, but also will make your life easier- and maybe even a little more exciting.

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