Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge features: New UI, features, multitasking

Today we have another video for you – we are going to checkout the new Android 6.0.1 based TouchWiz UI and the new Galaxy S7 Edge features. Samsung has fine tuned the software and the UI colors on the new TouchWiz from last years models. I personally am a fan of this new color scheme more than the ones before. The colors are now tuned down and don’t pop into your eyes so badly – it is still Touchwiz but it is now a grown up version of it.

The notification shade and the settings menu are the first places where you will notice the change. Samsung is, unfortunatelly, still using the horizontal notification toggles which can be expanded from the top of the shade. It would be nice to be able to switch these off completely, but you can’t have everything I suppose.

s7 edge features

Galaxy S7 Edge Features

The video will also show you the new edge features on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. These features consists of Edge Panels, Edge feeds and Edge Lightning. Not to forget the new Always on Display feature which will be shown on the video and few points on the implementation.

The much criticised lag and lack of smoothness has increased when compared to previous versions. Samsung has indeed made the software much smoother and I haven’t noticed any kind of lagging on the UI over the week I have had this phone. You can also checkout the multitasking capabilities of the phone and how well it handles when a lot of apps are opened to the background.

Let me know your thoughts on the Galaxy S7 Edge in the comments on youtube, or below. I will try and answer as many questions you have about the phone as I can, or check out the other videos about the S7 Edge features including slow mo and 4k video samples.

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