Qualities You Need to Look For in a VPN

Following on from a previous VPN article, this one expands the elements one should look for when choosing a VPN, in a little more detail.

You’ve probably heard about VPN’s and what they’re used for. Maybe you’ve been considering using one yourself but you don’t know what you should be looking for in terms of a good VPN service. There are a lot of different services and brands out there and knowing which one to pick might get confusing. They will all talk about their great qualities and services. If want to know both the good and the bad you’ll have to look into the services list. There is a good bit of information to get through and that can make it hard to decide on which one to get. You may also want more detailed information on what VPNs are. It’s one thing to hear it from someone else but it’s always better to understanding something on your own. This way you can have a true idea for the product you plan on using. We’ve put together a list of the qualities you should be looking for in your VPN service. 

Qualities To Look For

There is a good number of things that make a great VPN. You want to consider things like speed, ease of use, price, etc. This guide will help you to know what qualities to look for and why. Choosing the right VPN is super important as the VPN you choose will determine the capabilities you’ll have at your disposal. Some of which why not be all that you need. Check out the qualities we have listed below to get you on the right path.


Probably the most important quality of a great VPN is speed. You want a VPN that has a fast connection, especially when doing activities that require it like peer-to-peer activities, downloads, gaming, etc. There should be options for different configurations to match what it is you’re trying to do. Of course, other things play into the speed but the service you choose should but top-notch outside of these variables.


One of the major features of a quality VPN is its security feature. It is one of the reasons why people turn to VPNs. You want something that guarantees security by having a no-log and anonymity policy. While at the same time being able to hide your IP address. These make for a solid service that you can trust. Lightning-fast connection should be high on your list but it isn’t the only thing to look for. Speed and security go hand and hand as the top two qualities to look for.


Accessibility is a key point for any VPN. This is especially true if you’re using get-to-around blocks put in place my specific locations. If you travel a lot you’ll want a service that can allow you to access your subscriptions back home. The same can be true if you’re using it to get access to content that may be blocked because of your current living destination. The best way to check this is to see the list of available countries hosted by the different VPNs out there. This will help in making a decision.

Reliable Encryption

Encryption capabilities are one of those qualities that can be overlooked but are possibly the backbone of an outstanding VPN. While location/destination is usually enough of maintaining anonymity, in certain cases a here level may be required. Having advanced encryption technology can maintain this. A VPN that has these capabilities will reroute your internet traffic through multiple servers rather than just one or two. This is one quality of the VPN you want to be able to rely on every time it’s needed.

Ease of Use

Your VPN should not require you to be a tech geek or have a degree from MIT to operate. You want something intuitive and user-friendly. It shouldn’t take you minutes upon hours to get set up and get connected. You can have advanced technology while still friendly to the average user. There is no need to struggle with this as there great services out there and there are always more options available as new services come out constantly. Any service that is complicated and feels like you’re performing brain surgery isn’t worth your time, energy, and possibly tears.


Options, options, options — when it comes to your VPNs capabilities you want one that allows you to connect multiple devices. You also want it to support a multitude of brands and iOS systems. You should be able to connect your PC, laptop, phone and still have room for other devices. You can get caught in the trap of going with a VPN that supports a certain brand of devices but it’s better to go for something that has variety. You never know when you may need to connect something outside of your regularly used devices.

Tech Support

The qualities of the VPN don’t stop at its technology aspects it’s also in its support outside of that. Being able to talk with someone in real-time should you have any issues is invaluable. There should also be a broad FAQ section and a forum page where user can relay their experiences and issues. This is helpful if especially if you aren’t well versed in this area, are a tech newbie, or just want peace of mind knowing that help is available should you need it.


Lastly, let’s talk about price. Truthfully there are free services out there and you will be tempted to use them. However, there are some things to consider before hopping on the free train. A free VPN simply isn’t going to offer you enough benefits to make it worthwhile. You’ll be missing out on things like security, speed, and versatility. These are all things you want to use the service for in the first place. Don’t be dissuaded there are a lot of affordable services that offer a quality product that you can feel safe using.
It takes a minute to sort through all of the information on how to choose a great VPN service and what qualities to look out for. But, it is information you want to take your time and go through. Make a pros and cons list of the different services you’re considering and compare them against what you need from your VPN and that should help make the decision easier.

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