OnePlus Software AMA – Quick rundown

This evening OnePlus held another one of their AMA events on Reddit, and as a lot of things are currently happening in the software department at OnePlus the theme of this AMA was: Software. Don’t want to read through all the messages to get some interesting information? Be sure to read on…

These questions may not really be about software, but just for your information.

User: “We all love DASH. I really do. But I’m asking myself how good it might be for the battery to be loaded that fast – I imagine the degradation is a lot faster than with ‘normal’ charging speeds. Any comment on life expectancy? I can’t change batteries myself, how much is it in one of the service centers (EU)?

Second one: there were some cropping issues with the official curved tempered glass as you will know. Is this addressed by now? And when will they finally be in stock again? :)”

OnePlus: “We love Dash Charge too. This is a technology that has been thoroughly tested in large quantities in real life scenarios, and we don’t foresee any problems. In fact, some may argue that it’s even safer due to the 5 levels of security checks in addition to not having to charge overnight.

In regards to tempered glass screen protectors, the cropping issues you mention are necessitated by the curved design on the front of the phone. Any other configuration would have left air bubbles, or poor durability that couldn’t pass our quality standards.”


User: “Will you ever release another 5″ phone?”

OnePlus: “Not looking that way. It’s too hard to fit a big enough battery into a 5″ device.”


User: “How often do you guys look at the comments made by users on OnePlus forum about different bugs they face, do you have someone to note down those feedbacks and problems?”

OnePlus: We have a whole team dedicated to this, and quality is something we take very seriously.

We don’t only look at feedback on our forums, but also customer support, Reddit, other social media, email, etc. Every week, we have quality meetings where we go through the progress & priority of pending issues. If the issues are large enough, we’ll block software (and hardware) from shipping before they’re resolved.

Sometimes, it’s hard to reproduce the issues unless you’re in the same network conditions, so we actually have a globally scattered test team with people in all continents we cover. Once, we sent a test engineer to the home of one of our Swedish users to fully reproduce his issues.”

And this is where you guys are coming for:

User: “I know Android N just came out, but when do you guys plan on releasing it for the OP3?”

OnePlus: “I want to clarify. The reason why we are unifying our teams, it’s because we want to provide faster updates to our users. Some users have already seen our improvements through beta programs and OP3 OTAs. It’s coming faster than before. This will carry over to the N update.”


User: “I for one prefer stable rom, so take your time OP3 team. But I want Nougat for Christmas blink LOL”

OnePlus: “We cannot share a timeline right now, but we are already actively working on it. I can confirm that nougat is chewy.”


User: “Can you tell us a little bit more about what’s happening with Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS right now?”

OnePlus: “We combined platform, system and framework already. Application layer is separated. So, global users will still have the Oxygen experience and users in China will have Hydrogen experience.


User: “Will the stock Android aesthetic of Oxygen OS change? Is OnePlus developing a UI skin of their own? If so, what would be the main advantages of this skin over stock?”

OnePlus: “We will always stick to create a pure Android experience while at the same time adding some features that we believe will be very valuable for our users. You are always welcome to share with us your feedback.


User: When do you release the camera/hal sources?”

OnePlus: Full unprotected source code? Never.

Something that community ROMs can use? We’re discussing how to get it done.”


User: What does the future of OnePlus X software updates look like?

Can we at least expect monthly security patches? Or even update till Oxygen OS 3.5 since that is based on Marshmallow?”

OnePlus: The Android M OTA is coming next week!”

So, that was our quick rundown of the OnePlus software AMA on Reddit. If you want to read everything that is posted in the AMA, make sure to visit this page.

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