O2 UK eSIM: A Local Mobile Service Worth Your Time?

With so many mobile plans on the market, why go for an O2 UK eSIM? Simple – it is designed especially for smartphone users in the United Kingdom.


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This eSIM plan emerged from the realisation that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to mobile services. Devices are getting more powerful, but when it comes to phone plans, it’s still the same old rigidity and one size fits all plans as before.

O2 is known for having more options for SIM-only deals, its high customer satisfaction rates, and PAYG service (including its rewards programme for PAYG customers).

In this article, we answer some of the more frequently asked questions about the O2 UK eSIM and explore the 5 major reasons why smartphone users love this slick new eSIM plan.

What is the O2 UK eSIM and Why Should I Care?

The O2 UK eSIM is a versatile eSIM service from eSIM.net that offers features such as 5G, Roam Like Home in the EU, and Wi-Fi Calling at affordable rates on a rolling monthly contract that can be cancelled at any time.

It was designed to give Brits better connectivity and more coverage in more places.

The 5 Major Benefits of Using an O2 UK eSIM

One of the best things about an eSIM is that plans are designed with customers in mind. Need a plan that gives you great rates on calls and international roaming? No problem. Want a plan that can be used on the pay as you go basis? There are plenty.

The O2 UK eSIM has all the benefits of eSIM and standard features like unlimited minutes and messages, but also some high-end features you don’t get with regular plans.

These are the 5 best features of this new SIM-only plan.

Instant Activation

Being able to download and activate the service within minutes is by far one of the best things about plans like these. There is no need to go into a phone store, talk to a salesperson, or generally worry about any tedious admin or setup.

All it takes is a few quick taps on your phone and you will have connectivity.

Wi-Fi Calling

The O2 eSIM for the UK supports Wi-Fi Calling – a nifty feature that lets you make calls or send text messages over the internet when you don’t have a mobile signal.

If you live in a network ‘blackspot’ or use you phone on the go, Wi-Fi Calling gives you coverage in those areas your cellular service doesn’t cover.

Roam Like Home

Although the O2 eSIM was designed for domestic use in the United Kingdom, it also offers Roam Like Home throughout the EU. This means you keep your UK phone number and won’t incur additional data charges when roaming abroad.

The Roam Like Home feature lets you make calls and send messages to UK numbers and landlines and to any mobile or landline in the country you’re roaming in.

5G Speeds

Why use 4G when you can turbocharge your connectivity with 5G? With the O2 UK eSIM, you get access to lightning-fast 5G services in areas where it is available. 5G speeds will enhance your online world and give you even more coverage.

The benefits of having a 5G connection are obvious and you get it in the palm of your hand.

Second Phone Number

Whether you need a second number for work, SMS authentication, privacy, or you want to mix and match your cellular plans to get better rates, the O2 UK eSIM comes with its own UK number that makes all of this possible.

Using an eSIM for a second number gives you true dual-SIM functionality.

What eSIM Plans are Available?

There are 5 different O2 UK eSIM bundles to choose from:

  • 2GB Data for £14.00/month
  • 8GB Data for £19.00/month
  • 24GB Data for £24.00/month
  • 50GB Data for £27.00/month
  • Unlimited Data for £30.00/month

The O2 eSIM plans are available on a rolling 30-day subscription that can be cancelled at any time. To cancel your plan you simply log in to your account via eSIM.net’s website or app, go to ‘My eSIM’, uncheck ‘Auto Renew’, and click on ‘Save Changes’. No notice periods or cancellation fees required.

How Do I Get an O2 UK eSIM?

To buy an O2 eSIM for the UK from eSIM.net follow these steps:

  1. Visit the O2 UK eSIM page
  2. Sign in to your account or create a new one
  3. Choose your plan
  4. Complete the purchase online
  5. Scan the QR code sent to your inbox
  6. Follow a few on-screen prompts
  7. Your plan is now live!

Have questions about the O2 eSIM or eSIM technology in general? Planet eSIM is a community forum where you can ask questions and engage with other eSIM enthusiasts.

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