MTT Valentines Day Gift Guide

So Ladies & Gents – it’s nearly that dreaded time again; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what to get that tech-enthused significant other as a snazzy gift? We’ve got a few ideas that might win some’ brownie points. Take a peak inside our MTT Valentines Day Gift Guide.

So, let’s take a look at 5 potential Valentine’s gifts for that special somebody (or somebody else’s if you’re that way inclined – it can be Anonymous after all!) if you absolutely must get guilted into partaking!

MTT Valentines Day Gift GuidePNY Chargers & Cables

PNY have a little fun range of Chargers and cables for you if you’re looking for something pocket-sized. Picture yourselves out on a date on the 14th and you go to get that perfect ‘Gram (as the kids say) of you and your new boo/beau – again with the lingo – and oh no, you’re stupidly small smartphone battery is running low and can’t turn on the flash. Fret not – PNY has you covered.

With a 1amp port, LED indicators, and a ‘Gram-saving 2600 mAh of battery life, the PowerPack T2600 (available in multiple colours) might just save your bacon – and your wallet weighing in at only £10.99.

Head on over to Amazon UK to pick one up!

Gadget Show Live Tickets

OK, it won’t be something you can both enjoy on Valentine’s Day, but it’s something to look forward to and perhaps you can swing that in your favour; if you’re in a new relationship it’ll show you’re already looking to the future and win a few brownie points? If it doesn’t work, well, hell, you still have Gadget Show Live tickets!

MTT Valentines Day Gift Guide

Head on over to the website now to pick up a pair of tickets, from just £16.99 each – it’d cost you more for a meal out and you can’t spend 6-8 hours playing with tech in a restaurant can you!

Segway Rally for Two

Not a cheap one here but it’ll certainly be fun. Hope on two decidedly unbalanced Segways and learnt he ropes before tear-arsing it around a wooded track – it doesn’t get much more ‘Mobile Tech’ than that.

MTT Valentines Day Gift Guide

At £75 for the both of you it’s a bit pricey, but it looks so much fun doesn’t it? And let’s face it – you’re hoping your loved one falls (but doesn’t hurt themselves to be clear) and you get it on Camera….go on, summon the inner Jeremy Beadle in you!

Head on over to Red Letter Days and book in – be sure to read the ‘Key Info’ for more details.

Wood IBed Lap Desk

You can tell we’ve thought about this! Make your loved one feel particularly special with a tech peripheral-based breakfast in bed. This rather laziness-inspiring gift from IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) not only provides the perfect setting for those over cooked eggs and burned toast as you attempt to thrill your significant other with your best Gordan Ramsey impression, but it also serves to avert their attention from the disaster you’ve just cooked up and instead focus on watching their favourite Netflix show on the now stable iPad posited on the tray, whilst they attempt to keep your creation down!

MTT Valentines Day Gift Guide

You’ll be Netflix & Chilling in no time. It’s also a budget friendly £11.99. Head over to IWOOT to pick one up.

Best Spouse Ever Mousepad

Finally, a little novelty item which won’t break the bank and has a little more longevity than some of our other gifts. Most of us use PC’s (yes, yes, or MACs) in our daily lives. Why not get something to remind your spouse that, alongside mobile technology, they are still one of the most important things in your life – again, equal and in no way ahead of – mobile technology.

The Best Husband/Wife mouse pads at least will give your loved one a little message every day, and you can’t put a price on that can you? Well, it seems you can, and that price is a paltry £9.99 from Amazon UK, but we won’t judge you for opting for this! Go and grab yourself the Wife or the Husband one and just give them a little reminder on Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you’re up to on Valentine’s Day, drop us a comment as to what technology (preferably clean) you’ll would like to, or are, getting your other half this year!

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