Merry Mobile Christmas – Top 5 Gadgets

We take a look at a Top 5 Gadgets list in the latest episode of Merry Mobile Christmas! Check out the gadgets you could be picking up this Christmas for yourself or somebody else….but probably yourself, right!

Team MobileTechTalk are fanatic about tech, and we’re always on the look out for something cool and something with a deep discount for a present for ourselves, or even others, especially at this time of the year. We’ve picked a couple of tech goodies for the holiday season to bring cheer to those technologically inclined, and muggles alike!

Firstly, observe one of the golden rules….Don’t forget it….


5 – Amazon Echo Dot

Echo DotFirst up is Amazon’s own Echo Dot. The Dot is the smaller of the two Alexa-enabled devices and delivers a hands free, voice controlled digital assistant who can help you create shopping lists, set reminders, stream music and even hooks up to other IoT devices such as thermostats and light switches to control your home automation setup.

With a growing number of third-party applications integrating into the platform, the Echo family is only going to increase in functionality.

At just £49.99 you can get your very own slice of the future!

4 -Fire HD 8 Tablet (2016)

Fire HD 8Bottom line, if you’re an Amazon Prime user, and you want a decent device, that doesn’t break the bank, to consume your Prime content on, and perhaps other streaming services, the new Fire HD 8 tablet might be worth considering.

With an 8″ widescreen display and a 4,750 mAh battery, the unit will not only allow for a good viewing experience when it comes to Kindle or Video consumption, but it’ll go on for some time too.

Shipping with Fire OS 5, and running atop Android, the Fire HD 8 has a familiar feel for anybody who has used Amazon devices in the past, and at £85.49 for the ad-included version, we think this is great value for those who have invested in the Amazon services estate. A good tablet for decent money.

3 – Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard

G213 ProdigyLogitech are well-known to anybody who is a fully fledged member of the all glorious PC Master Race (hail hydra!). With the G213 Prodigy, Logitech are providing a budget-friendly gaming keyboard, complete with RGB lighting zones. Whilst there’s no mechanical key switches here which will have some running for the hills already, Logitech have provided some suped-up switches that it calls “Mech Dome”. These membrane switches have a feel, tone and depression depth similar to that of Cherry MX Brown switches.
The G213 Prodigy has a nice design, with spill-resistant materials, and a good software package to help build those macros to assist in the games of your choice.
The G213 Prodigy is available in a number of keyboard layouts, and is going for £55.50 for the UK layout configuration. For gamers on a budget, this is one to look at.

2 – Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD

Samsung 850 EVOOkay, so you caught us out. It’s not strictly mobile technology, but this is a great deal anyway so we thought we’d throw this in.

If you’re after a way to give your rig a little boost, of you need to uplift your system drive from that tired old 60GB SSD that you originally purchased all those years back when SSD was a new shiny technology, the Samsung 850 EVO drive is one of the best bang for bucks drives you can get currently.

With a low price per GB cost (just 23p) and sequential read and write metrics in excess of the 500 MBps mark, this really is a strong performer. Additionally, at 500GB, this is easily big enough for a large OS partition or even a gaming drive.

The Samsung 850 EVO 500GB will set you back £139.99, but it’s worth every penny if you’re in the market for a price point leading performer.


So, to Number 1!

1 – Sony Bravia KD49XD7005

Sony Bravia KD49XD7005This isn’t cheap. Repeat, this isn’t cheap! However, it’s that time where people get their RadioTimes out and start to plot what they’ll be watching over the festive period? What, nobody does that anymore? Are you sure? Either way, you’re going to need a decent unit to catch up with all those Christmas films, as well as the plethora of sports over the Holidays right?

The Sony Bravia KD49XD7005 delivers a 49″ 4K HDR display with Android running the Smart aspect for a great all round experience.

Utilising LED technology allowing for a depth of just 7.8cm, the Sony unit is as thin as it is powerful. WiFi connectivity, Android TV opening up the world of Google Play Store for apps, wall mounting options, as well as a clear and intuitive user interface, the Sony Bravia KD49XD7005 not only future proofs your media consumption, but let’s face it, Coronation Street looks better upscaled to 4K right?!?

The Sony Bravia KD49XD7005 is available for £597.55



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