Get the Best from Messaging Apps: Tricks You Need to Know

It’s undeniable that messaging apps are becoming popular by the day. From WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, everyone with a social media account can readily use them and enhance their communication. The apps are easy to use, they are convenient, and most importantly, they provide the privacy that people need to communicate. If you have been using the messaging apps, you already know what benefits they bring forth towards your communication. But do you fully utilize these benefits? To improve your experience in using messaging apps, we have discussed the top tips and tricks to consider. Check them out:

Pin important messages

The leading messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook message and Instagram app allow users to pin their important messages. And when you pin them, you will not have to scroll through your conversations to find the particular message you want. You will be assessing the pinned message with ease whenever you need it. If you are using an Android device, you will be long-pressing the specific chat to see the pinned message. For Apple users, you can access the pinned message by swiping it on the device’s right side.

Advance security in your app

We are in the information age whereby anyone can spy your messages, trace them and assess them. And when that happens, you can readily become a victim of a data breach. The hacker may send messages from your app or even steal your private information. That’s why the founders of advise messaging app users to encrypt their messages. Many apps allow the advanced security measures, whereby you can set a pin or any other two-step verification, which will block the unwanted third parties. Just go to the messaging app’s settings and select security to advance the security of your messages.

Delete recent messages

Did you know that you can delete the recent messages which you sent unknowingly? You can delete them even before the respondent receives them. The leading messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps provide the option to delete for everyone, allowing you to erase the message you think should no longer be there. You can use this trick to erase the conversations you no longer need or the things you sent accidentally, and you think they might cause problems in the future.

Star messages

To star a message is to mark it as a favourite. Starring is similar to pinning. When you “star” the message, it will always appear on the top of your conversations. As such, you should only star the notifications from your favourite senders or the important messages which you need to reply promptly. The good thing about the starring trick is that you can star more than one message. You can also remove them if you no longer need to appear at the top of your messages.

Mark the messages as unread

Most messaging apps allow users to mark some conversations as unread. Yes, you have already gone through the entire conversation, and you already know what the whole discussion was all about. Even the sender has already seen that you have read the messages. But you can still mark as unread, mainly if you would like to revisit it. This is particularly applicable in scenarios where you have many inboxes, and you think that it would be best to reply to it later. The unread mark will prevent you from forgetting to respond to it.

Hide last seen messages

Some messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, allow users to hide their last “seen”. By default, everyone who has your contacts can see when you last got online. This can interfere with your privacy, mainly if you don’t want to be traced. You can consider hiding the last seen for security reasons so that other people won’t spy on you. You can also select the number of people whom you would like to see the last seen.

Export your conversations

You can easily transfer your discussions from the messaging app to other devices. For instance, if you were chatting on WhatsApp via your smartphone, you may transfer those conversations to your personal computer or any other device of your choice. The transfer process is easy, and you can select specific messages to move. For security purposes, do not forget to encrypt your app so that a third party does not share your conversations with their devices. 

There are many messaging tricks, but the above are the main ones. You can utilize the tricks in many ways, depending on how to use the messaging app. If you use it entirely for business purposes, you may want to add more security features to protect your business partners or clients’ conversations.

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