Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

If the rumours are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will sport an iris scanner of some description. Patently Mobile might just have added a little more weight to this.

Samsung’s upcoming other flagship for this year is the Galaxy Note 7. This phone has been rumoured to have an iris scanner to unlock the device, and complete functions like the fingerprint scanner. A few phones have been rumoured to have this feature before, but it never made it to shelves.

Patently Mobile has given word about the South Korean’s new iris scanner patent. It is said that the iris scanner will be able to be used in many different devices including smartphones.

According to the released patent:

The iris recognition system employs three lenses to capture the image signal, and then checks the iris of the user based on the image generated as well as other information. This other information will also include images of the user’s face for additional identification.

The first lens may include two narrow-angle lenses having narrow angles of view to expand and capture images of regions of the eyes of the user. The second lens may include a wide-angle lens having a wide angle of view to capture an image of the face of the user. The first lens may be a zoom lens, and the second lens may be a short focal length lens.

Iris Scanner

As seen in the image above, below the three lenses is a lightning device. This small device will beam an infrared ray onto the iris to capture it’s shape and image.

This new iris scanning system will (obviously) need to be on the front of the device, and (ideally) at the top of the screen. This means there will be a large bezel strip (probably) to house the iris scanner. This may reduce screen size of the device, but if not the bezel will still be annoying. This may be overlooked by many due to the exclusive, amazing feature, but I and many others will find the bezel irritating.

Even with this new feature, it is unclear if Samsung will still include the fingerprint sensor. Hopefully they do as the fingerprint sensor is a great, nifty, and useful feature.

Source: Patently Mobile

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