EE Free Sticks of Dynamite

Oh poor EE, my heart really goes out to them. After my last set of run-ins with them there was clearly some good, more bad, feelings involved. You know EE, not one to give up they had been running their Free Power Bank deal. It’s simple, you are an EE customer send them a text to a special number, they take 35p and you get a code to get a free power bank from them. By all accounts it’s been a super popular deal with them “selling out” practically instantly every time they have gotten stock in.


Let’s face it we all have battery issues and who doesn’t like free stuff? EE not only gets you into one of their stores, it gives you something free to make you think fondly of them and you walk around with a little EE advertisement. What a coop for them, right?


Sadly however it seems that a batch of these little advertising sticks isn’t quite as they ought to be and one went boom in an unfortunate student’s hand. We all know battery’s can contain lots of energy and if you Youtube burning battery’s you’ll see just how dramatically that can be released. Sadly for the poor girl this happened to her hand. Ouch! Actually, ouchy ouch ouchness doesn’t really begin to quite cover how toughly unpleasant the poor dears hand looks.


Now that was back on the 29th of July it happened but only today have EE announced a recall of batches marked E1-06. Now they haven’t said why, if its maybe that the bad press has got them wanting to be seen to be doing something or if they have actually found a problem with that batch. Who knows, seems odd to wait a week but I suspect we will never know for sure.


So while I feel a little sad for EE that a PR win has turned to PR disaster, being branded EE isn’t so desirable when it’s setting students on fire after all. So what about you? What do you make of the incident and its week delayed response? Has it made you go look out your EE power bar and check it? (If not, if I was you I really would.) Has it made you weary of carrying any power bank at all around with you?

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