Backdrops gives you new original wallpapers every day

There is a lot of wallpapers apps on the Playstore – like a stupid amount of them. The thing is, most of them either all give you the same walls over and over again or have wallpapers you have seen on the internet since 2005.

Unfortunately for your eyes, some apps seem to have been created for 720p screens and give you low resolution wallpapers that can’t be used on your smartphone with a QHD screen. Not without burning your retina with all the jpeg compression! That’s where Backdrops comes in – here to save your screen and your eyes.



Backdrops contains hundreds of original wallpapers, with new ones almost daily – hand crafted in house by the the Backdrops team. All wrapped up in an easy to use app with a beautiful material design inspired UI, so it not only gives you great images, but also looks and feels like it should be part of the Android OS itself.

You may have already seen before some of the wallpapers creators names like Knxt who is already well known for his icon packs – or Sam Zayer who created the Material Theme for the Galaxy phones. For those budding designers that want to see your creations on more devices, you can  even upload your own wallpaper and be featured on the ‘social’ section – get your DSRL and Photoshop ready!



You can find many categories within the app like Scenery, Geometric, Minimal, Material with enough design for any tastes. There is even a clever Pairs section that gives you two slightly different wallpapers for you and your loved one. Or your cat – if he has a smartphone!

So if you’re a wallpaper addict like me and want some fresh and well crafted ones every day, hit that playstore button and don’t forget to share your homescreen with Eurotech. If you have any more app suggestions for us to review, let us know on your social media of choice.

Backdrops - Wallpapers
Backdrops - Wallpapers

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