Avoid Common Travel Plug Mistakes

Off on your holidays! Good – enjoy a bit of rest! Good on you! We know you’re supposed to be relaxing by the pool with no distractions, but when you inevitably reach for your phone charger to top up the juice and catch up on some emails, just make sure you have the correct plug adapter otherwise you’ll have no choice but to relax!

If you go back even 10 years, travelling internationally looks a lot different than it does now.  There have been developments to make travelling so much easier, taking the stress out of having to endure a long flight to a distant destination.

The key is to have a European plug adapter from a quality supplier like RS. You’ll have all of your plugs and essential chargers with you and won’t have to worry about whether they’ll be compatible with those different foreign outlets.

Get the Right Plug

You have the right idea and get a plug adapter, thinking that you’re ready to go. There is nothing worse than getting to your hotel and finding out that your adapter doesn’t fit in the outlets. With a cursory Google search, you can make sure that you get a plug adapter that will get the job done.

The great thing is that there is one kind of Type C adapter that works with a variety of others. You can also check out the list of the different outlet types easily and compare it to your adapter. Not having the right adapter can be catastrophic, making it far more difficult to keep your essential devices charged throughout the duration of your trip.

Voltage is Important

Another way that the right plug adapter can be beneficial has to do with voltage. It is safe to assume that a lot of people don’t really consider voltage requirements, especially when traveling to a new country. Make sure you pay attention to those things because if you don’t have the right adapter, it can wind up being devastating to your devices.

The right travel adapter can help you deal with the voltage increase in most other countries. In North America, the standard is 110-120v, but you will find that 220-240v is the more commonplace option overseas. An adapter will automatically convert to adapt to changes in voltage, keeping your essential devices protected from a jolt that can cause major damage.

Get Different Adapters

USB charging is super commonplace now and are adaptable for a huge array of devices. You can plug essential tech like smartphones, tables, and other chargers in using a USB adapter that has multiple hubs available in one device. Just keep in mind that those USB adapters are not universal.

Some things, like hair dryers and straighteners or laptop charging cables, have their own plug. Make sure that you find a plug adapter or two that will fit over those plugs so that you can bring any of your favourite essentials with you anywhere in the world. Having multiple plug adapters will wind up being one of the best travel-related investments you could make.

Power Up

It’s safe to say just about everyone has had the same experience. You think you are prepared for the trip, everything goes smoothly, but you get to the hotel and find out that you don’t have chargers or plug adapters. Considering smart devices can be used for translation, organization, and navigation purposes, you can’t run the risk of them losing power. Pack once check twice to make sure all of your adapters are there so you can have all the juice you need for your trip.

Go an extra step and make sure that you label your adapters, converters, and chargers. By having all of the necessary gadget charging accessories, you never have to worry about your devices dying at the worst moment possible. The little things wind up making the biggest difference when traveling, especially to an international destination. A little preparation goes a long way, helping set you up for the best trip you could have hoped for.

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