6 Useful Tools For Your Phone And How To Use Them

The cell phone has become an essential part of our lives. The average person checks their phone as many as 80 times a day! The cell phone is not just for talking anymore. Today we’ll be looking at six useful tools you can use with your mobile device and how to use them so you get the most out of your time on the go!

1. Imaging Attachment for Phone Camera

There are many ways to enhance your phone camera’s capability. If you want a better image, there is the option of buying an imaging attachment for phone cameras such as lenses and filters. These come in various forms including telephoto lenses, wide-angle lenses, fisheye, or macro lenses that can turn your standard mobile device into something more specialized for certain needs. There are even thermal image attachments available now, most popular being FLIR ONE and Seek, so make sure to check the FLIR vs Seek Compact Thermal Cameras comparison chart if you’re interested. It is important to note though that these will not work with every type of cell phone out there so you should check compatibility before trying them out! Additionally, they may require additional equipment depending on which one it is (such as tripods). So while some will be quite simple to use, others you may need to do some research on.

2. Screen Capture

The screen capture tool is great for capturing screenshots on your phone. The feature can be found in the “Settings” menu of an Android device, and once you activate it, all you have to do is press the volume down button when viewing something interesting or important that you want to save. You will hear a camera snap sound effect indicating that the screenshot has been saved in your photo gallery. If using iOS devices, just hold down both power buttons simultaneously until you see a flash at which point the screenshot has been taken successfully. To access these images later on simply go into the Photos app and open up the Camera Roll folder then look through your photos there with ease! A good example here would be if someone sends you some funny memes and you want to save them for later.

3. QR Code Scanner

QR codes are everywhere! You can see them on posters, ads, and even in stores. QR code scanners let you scan these codes with your phone to get more information or link directly to a site so that the content is available immediately. Lots of apps have this feature built-in but if yours doesn’t there are many free options available. If you feel like experimenting, try using different ones because they all work differently for different phones! Some might give better results than others depending on what data they can extract from the image file which makes it difficult to compare their effectiveness, but just pick one that looks good and use it until something else comes along better suited for yourself.

4. Battery Life

You can also see if you have all the apps that are draining your battery in the background. Go to Settings > General > Battery Usage and it will show how much percentage of your phone’s life has been used by each app since the last charge. If there is an app using a lot more than others, then you might need to delete it or uninstall updates for that particular app. You can clear out old notifications from individual apps as well by heading into Notifications and tapping on any notification followed by the Clear All Notifications button at the top-right corner of the screen (iOS 11 required). On Android Oreo devices, go to Apps & Notification > Notifications and select the desired App Tap “Notify Me” Allow Quick Replying section so that user can reply directly from the notification shade.

5. Task Killer

This is a great tool that can help you save battery and speed up your phone. It helps to close any app running in the background, which reduces CPU usage and extends battery life. When we open an app on our Android device it automatically stays active in the back end unless explicitly closed by us or shut down by Android itself if not used for some time (iPhone users are familiar with this). Task killers come in handy when you have several apps always working simultaneously – although they drain both RAM as well as system resources, causing slowdowns at times of high demand.

6. Flashlight

iPhone users have the luxury of using their phone’s flash to use it as a flashlight. It is perfect for finding your way around in dark places without having to turn on overhead lights or bring battery-consuming lanterns. Just open up your camera app, tap on “options” and then toggle off the LED light by tapping on the button that says “flash.” You can also use this feature when you are out camping with friends who do not want to start fires at night. The only downside of doing so is that it reduces your phone’s battery life faster than any other function would since its screen needs to be lit while using Flashlight mode. Nevertheless, iPhone owners should take advantage of this option if they ever need one!

With all that checking going on, it’s no wonder that more and more people are using their phones to run errands, play games, take photos and watch videos. It is quite simple once you know how to use all of its features. We hope this blog post was useful and that you enjoyed reading it!

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