6 Reasons Why You Should Pass on An Entry-Level Phone and Get A More Expensive One

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, shall we? The growing market in smartphone technology right now is the entry-level and mid-tier devices. There’s a race to the bottom that the likes of Oppo, Xiaomi, LG and OnePlus are all engaged in. So, why shouldn’t you jump on this particular bandwagon and save yourselves some cash? We’ll outline 6 reasons why you should pass on an entry-level phone and get a more expensive one. Who knows, it might save you more in the long run?

Phones to a certain extent dictate the way that we live our lives. Many of us cannot leave our homes without a charger, a portable charging socket, or knowledge that our phones batteries will last us the entire day. It is not uncommon to see people glued to their phones while manoeuvring through city streets, nor is it uncommon to see every person sat on a bus or train staring at the screens of their phones. Phones have become such an important part of our lives, in fact, that to be without one would draw intrigue from your friends and family. The quality of your phone is very important, and this page will offer you six reasons why that is the case, and hopefully motivate you to invest in a better, more expensive model than the one you may have.

1.  Keeping in Touch

With every new model of phone that is released comes new methods of staying in touch, ranging from messaging applications to social media applications, some of which cannot be used on more antiquated phone models. You may need a new phone to simply keep in touch with your friends and family conveniently. It is very rare to find people texting nowadays, and rather, social media and messaging applications have long superseded the traditional text. If you have a more antiquated model of phone, you may be resigned to texting, and this may be something those who you are required to keep in touch with do not want to do. By getting a more expensive and up to date phone you will be able to keep in touch with your friends and family through the latest channels.

2.  Options

There are many options available with regard to phone purchases now. There was a time, not too long ago, when a new phone would have to either be bought outright with cash or would be offered on a contract basis with very high-interest rates. There are now many more options afforded to those buying phones, especially the latest models, and some of them can be very economic and efficient. According to the team from MoneyAt30.com, the money-saving experts, you can now even lease your phone. There are now so many options available that it makes very little sense to not invest in a new phone.

3.  Camera

For many, the purchase of a phone is dependent entirely on the camera that said phone possesses. The quality of the camera offered by most phones nowadays is extremely high, so much so, that many mobile phone cameras are of the same standard, or higher, than some digital cameras. Mobile phone companies invest billions every year into the development of cameras on their phones. Companies are in direct competition with one another to bring the best camera phone to the market. If you are interested in photography, then a new phone could be for you.

4.  Quality

Above all, the quality of newer, more expensive models, is far superior to the quality of lesser models. The functions available on some phones are absolutely mind-blowing when we consider that less than twenty-years-ago a phone was lucky to even have a camera. It is a fact that more expensive models of mobile phones last longer. They are very often, as of the last few years, completely waterproof, and many are shatterproof. They are contained within durable, hard-wearing cases, and have software that prevents any viruses from being downloaded, therefore improving the lifespan of the phone by tenfold.

5.  Ease

It is no surprise that more expensive phones are easier to use. Lesser quality phones can be difficult to figure out how to use and can be riddled with glitches and flaws. More expensive phones give you a smoother experience and are far easier to become skilled at using. They are often contained on larger screens which mean that it is easier to type and easier to read messages, whereas lesser phones are often smaller screens, and when the screens are larger, are poor quality glass and have delayed response times.

6.  Culture

As the idiom goes, do it for the culture. In recent years, a culture has arisen around the use of smartphones, with those who do not have the latest phones being ostracized and ridiculed. While you should never do anything simply to conform to ‘fashion’, if you like following trends and it is a passion of yours, then a new phone is crucial.

Now you have read this list, it is very likely that you want to go out and pick up a brand-new smartphone, isn’t it? When buying phones, shop around for the best on the market and do not think that more prominent brands will be better. You can get better deals on better phones if you use your brain.

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