6 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Beginner DSLR Camera First

Photos capture a moment in time, a precious memory, an important event, or the beauty of a flower. That’s why it is essential to have a good camera to produce high-quality images and capture the essence of the moment. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to admire DSLR cameras and know they are much better than point-and-click cameras when it comes to image quality and resolution. However, you should be familiar with photography techniques and basic rules to capture beautiful professional photos. If you have a passion for photography, here are 6 good reasons why you should buy a DSLR camera for beginners.

1.  High-Quality Images

There is a wrong perception among people that megapixel is the determining factor of image quality. When you compare images from a DSLR camera and any other cameras, you will see the difference immediately as the DSLR cameras produce much better image quality. The quality of the image depends on several factors such as image sensors, color depth, dynamic range, and other factors. Moreover, the DSLR cameras have built-in noise-reduction when generating images to cut down on noise and make the image look cleaner. That’s why you find those images richer in colour and contrast compared to images taken from a regular camera.

2.  Manual Control

When you first learn photography, you need a camera with various options to experiment with and apply what you have learned. The DSLR cameras have many buttons and dials to control each aspect of photo capturing. Having a regular point-and-shoot camera will give you modes to choose from, such as night or sport, which doesn’t allow you to fiddle with the option and produce the kind of image you want. Settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation will help you learn about what each setting does and how to control the output efficiently.

3.  Interchangeable Lenses

Switching lenses for different purposes is one of the biggest advantages of DSLR cameras. While the point-and-shoot cameras offer one fixed lens type, a DSLR such as Nikon D3500 can have several lenses for different photography purposes. Changing lenses allows you to control what kind of picture you want. Telephoto lenses zoom into distant objects which are suitable for wildlife photography, while macro lenses take good close-up photos of small objects such as insects or flowers. Other lenses are suitable for photographing in low light conditions, capturing wide images with lots of details, and many other purposes point-and-shoot cameras don’t have access to.

4.  Adjustable Aperture Settings

The quality of an image depends on the amount of light that enters the image sensor. The aperture is one of the many options to control how much light needed. The aperture is controlled automatically in point-and-shoot cameras, while you can control it manually on a DSLR. by controlling the aperture, you produce images with fabulous depth of field which makes the photo professional and attractive. If you want to focus on an object while blurring the background, the aperture setting will help you achieve that.

5.  Longer Battery Life

The batteries in DSLRs are only used when you use the camera to capture a photo, else than that, it stays dormant which makes you use the camera for longer times than the regular cameras. The components used for capturing the photo are powered by batteries while other components are not powered to save energy. These batteries will allow a beginner to capture 250-500 images per full charge depending on the settings used.

6.  DSLRs Retain Value

Buying a DSLR is a good investment no matter what the brand or model is. Point-and-shoot cameras have regular updates that will reduce the value of older models. DSLRs don’t get updated often, which helps in retaining the current models’ value. Additionally, all the accessories you might buy for your camera can be used on other builds, so you won’t have to worry if you want to upgrade your camera. Investing in a DSLR, lenses, or any other accessories is worth it.

DSLRs are perfect for anyone with a passion for photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to buy one, but you should at least know the basic rules of photography to use the camera well. Point-and-shoot cameras are suitable for on-the-go pictures with family and friends. However, if you want to capture photos that will look good for years to come, then a DSLR is your perfect option. Besides producing high-quality images, they are highly customizable, they give you full control over the output, and they retain their value.

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