5 Essential Mobile Games for Smartphone Owners in 2018

Did you get yourself a new smartphone for the New Year? If you have, you must be wondering about new apps to download. Everyone out there who’s studying can check out Mobile Tech Talk’s essential apps for students. And if you’re simply looking to fill up your device with apps to pass the time, you’re also in the right place.

For the record, we’ll skip the obvious choices: Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies, Clash of Clans, and the like. There are other games out there that deserve a mention, too. Let’s take a look at 5 mobile games you must try this 2018:

1. Heart Star

Here’s a retro-style game you can add to your app collection. Heart Star may seem like your typical puzzle platformer, but it’s got enough charm and challenges to make it stand out. For one, you have to guide two sprites (red and blue) through parallel worlds by switching between them from time to time. There are certain blocks only the red sprite can control, and certain paths only the blue sprite can take.

Heart Star is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

2. Maestria

Monument Valley and its sequel have received critical praise from many websites regarding its beautiful graphics and puzzle design. The only downside is that, the game isn’t free! However, Maestria serves as a worthy free alternative. Like Monument Valley, Maestria boasts stunning, premium quality visuals. It will also keep you occupied for hours on end because of its 160 puzzle levels. The goal of the game simple: you just have to ring the bells in the correct order.

Maestria can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

3. Card Thief

With so many card games out there, it’s tough to determine which ones are actually worth your time. Fortunately, there’s Card Thief, a unique title that combines card game elements with stealth. Your objective is to move from point A to B via a deck of cards. Each card represents something different, like a guard, a treasure chest, or a torch, which will activate if you stop on it. You can even buy items or equipment cards that will help you move through a level easier. Kotaku indicates that the gameplay is challenging and may get you engrossed, but it’s still a good choice of a game to play while commuting.

Card Thief is free for Android devices and priced at £2.15 for iOS devices.

4. Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

In case you want to add an empire-building or city management game to your library, Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt is a decent choice. Not only is the setting appealing, but its gameplay is rather addictive as well. You basically create your own version of Egypt, by building Egyptian structures and harvesting crops. You can even raise mythical creatures and compete online with your friends.

Ancient Egypt has always retained an air of mystery around it. Being one of mankind’s earliest civilisations, it has served as a setting or theme for many different mediums. The 2016 film Gods of Egypt, which received backlash because of its “whitewashing” was a huge success regardless of the controversy surrounding its release. There’s even the 1999 TV miniseries Cleopatra which starred Timothy Dalton, Billy Zane, and Leonor Varela. And of course, Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt isn’t the only decent Egypt-themed mobile game out there. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality hosted on Foxy Casino features hieroglyphs that you need to match with symbols to clear a level. Each pyramid in the game has its own set of Egyptian signs, and you have to match the bottom row with your own chosen glyph. Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt explores these iconic structures too, and you get to build them yourself!

Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt can be downloaded from the Play Store for free.

5. Silly Walks

Silly Walks takes the one-tap gameplay mechanic to another level by introducing wacky characters and a chunky 3D art style. In this game, everyday household objects have come to life and you’re supposed to guide their movements. Tapping the screen basically causes your character to step with one foot. The key is to tap rhythmically in order for the cute object to trot across the level. In their review, Pocket Gamer concludes that Silly Walks is a worthwhile experience, because of its novelty and simple gameplay.

Silly Walks is free for Android and iOS devices.

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  1. This all are amazing games I have played most of them but I think author forget to mention Pokemon go in the list.

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