5 Best Alternatives to iTranslate Mac for Mac

Regardless if you are an international blogger who would like to reach a wider audience or a person who would like to dine at one’s favourite restaurant for a business meeting with a foreign client, the chances are high that you faced a situation when you needed some immediate language skills. Thankfully, we live in the age of technology when turning to a reliable Mac helps us to work, study, and have fun anywhere in the world. You might have heard about iTranslate for Macs before, yet are there any good alternatives that are worth checking out? Let’s find it out!

1. Google Translate

It is enough to mention that it provides translation assistance in over 100 languages, which is something to consider, especially when you travel to Wales or spend your winter holidays somewhere in Iceland. Another great feature of Google Translate for your Mac is not having to install anything since you can simply browse to the service’s website and use it inside your mail account or by talking through the built-in microphone to translate your thoughts right away.

2. Mate Translate

Another good alternative to iTranslate that can be installed as the browser menu extension that does not make your system slow down. It is one of those great services that lets you translate text and pictures according to their great text-recognition system. It is user-friendly and provides translations even for some rare expressions and business context words.

3. Lingvanex Translator

You can translate text, various images, websites, or large business agreements into over 112 languages. This great desktop version can connect to your iPhone or Android device (depending on your preference) to let you synchronize both. However, when you plan to translate any official document, you need the best site offering professional translation service with relevant certifications. It helps to ensure that you are receiving an official, valid translation that can be used for any official purpose.

4. Overspot

It is for those who would like to have things done fast. Just press one key while browsing some web page or working in your favourite text editor, typing a mail message, or anything to receive an instant translation. It is hard to imagine anything more convenient!

5. Bubble Translate 3

Another great translation solution that does not require any payments to get the most out of it! Just highlight some text and receive an instant translation or use the “hotkeys” feature. It is quite good even for professional translators or those who edit various foreign texts or work in the IT sector.

How Good Are These Translation Solutions?

Even though nothing can compare to human translation, these online solutions have improved significantly during the past decades. You may receive ideally-translated phrases that have been checked and submitted by the native speakers as is the case with Google Translate or turn to Bubble Translate 3 that includes various foreign expressions that can only be encountered in medical or legal translations. Take time to look through alternatives and do not forget that you do not have to choose just one. Try them all out and stay with the one that floats your boat!

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