10 Best Offline Translation Software

As most of you who have travelled abroad at least once and did not have an immediate Internet connection available know, it is not always possible to understand what a foreigner tries to tell you as you check-in at the hotel or want to ask whether they have another size dress at the fancy shop. Thankfully, you can use your phone or a desktop computer to translate things even when you have no chance of going online. You may use the good old Google Translate app or turn to something not so common like Prompt One for your Russian language translations during your visit to Moscow. In any case, do not be afraid to try things out to determine what works best for you!

Google Translate

It is free to translate various text parts and photos with numerous language pairs to choose from. Just download the Google Translate app to your phone and use it to your heart’s content. Just remember to check what languages you have available and add those that you may require.

Microsoft Translator

It is free as well and has a great phrasebook that will help you along to pronounce various phrases by using pre-recorded messages. It can handle photos and those restaurant menus as well.


Although it has a monthly paid subscription, it has 37 languages and the ability to handle real-time conversations. Even if you are somewhere in the Middle East and require voice recognition from Arabic to English, it can help you out!

Translate Now

It can help travellers with camera translations and conversation issues by offering voice assistance. Requires subscription for all the bonus features.

Apple’s Translate

When you need to keep things simple and read the transcriptions aloud to understand what is being said, this app is your best choice. It allows you to replay phrases and choose various ideas for your shop, museum, police, or restaurant visits.

Speak & Translate

It supports 54 languages for voice translation assistance and over 100 languages when you need to translate text. However, for any official document, you will need best translation companies with a specialist who has a language certificate. It is a common requirement for any official translation.

Prompt One

Although it does not provide many languages, it is unbeatable if you plan to visit Russia or any other ex-Soviet country as a tourist or for your business needs. It includes all the necessary phrases and audio help.

Trip Lingo

The best solution for those who travel frequently. It even includes a cultural background for many countries and over 2000 idiomatic phrases to help you along.

Naver Papago

It mainly focuses on Asian languages. If you plan to visit Japan, China, Thailand, or Indonesia, it is the way to go. Great website and handwritten text translation.


The best for food translation for all these Asian languages. If you are a Chinese food aficionado, look no further and check it out!

Discover The Culture

As your phone remains offline, use your time to learn about the foreign culture and the good manners of a foreign traveler. Visit interesting places, get to know the local customs, and learn a foreign language. Smile to people, stay respectful and it will always pay off with a better traveling experience.

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