Zinc Eco Plus Review: Going Electric Is Easy

The Zinc Eco Plus Gen2 scooter is, what I would call, the entry-level Adult scooter. It’s easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to charge. Let’s see just how easy it is to ride, and more importantly explore how safe it is in the full review.

Zinq Eco Plus Gen2
  • Great value
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Compact when folded
  • Only 1 air-filled tyre

Buy on Box.co.uk – £229

Zinq Eco Plus Gen2 Scooter grip


The Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2 was provided as a loan device from Box.co.uk. The scooter was reviewed over a one-week period, exceeding 3 hours of ride time. Box.co.uk have had no prior visibility as to the body of this review nor did they request as such.

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Overview & Specs

I’ve owned a Xiaomi Mi M365, and I used to use it to get to the gym and back. It avoids traffic, is versatile and relatively compact, and more eco-friendly in its operation than a large fuel-sucking vehicle. It’s no coincidence that Halfords, the popular UK-based car component and camping retailer has seen a sharp increase in e-Scooter sales. It is still illegal to operate a privately owned electric scooter on public roads and pavements, but it’s also economical and more environmentally friendly. It seems that there is little doubt that within the next year or two the UK Government will legislate to allow such vehicles to operate. Trials are already underway with some companies in certain cities.

It’s with the above in mind that consumers must base their buying decision. Just because everything is pointing towards legalisation at some point, there is no guarantee that this day will be within a reasonable time or indeed ever. Private use is, of course, an option, but might only be useful for large sprawling campuses or businesses in those use cases.

The Zinc Eco Plus (Gen 2 to be precise) has all the basics one might want from an electric scooter. Taking a look around the unit, which comes pre-built, the design is a nice two-tone black and white affair. The main stem and skeleton of the scooter is aluminium for strength with a grippy-textured footboard.

The front tyre is an 8-inch air-filled tyre whilst the rear a 6.5-inch solid tyre. There are rubber textured handle grips which have both brake and accelerator paddles, more centrally located, moving left to right on the handlebar. The Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2 also comes with a bell which can be fitted anywhere on the handlebar, as well as a brake light.

Spec Sheet – Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2

  • Max Speed 25kph
  • Max distance 14km off a single charge
  • 4 Hour Charge Time
  • Built in LCD display for speed, speed mode and battery level
  • 3 Speed settings
  • 8 inch air blown Front tyre
  • 6.5 inch read solid tyre
  • 250W rear hub motor
  • Thumb trigger accelerator
  • Handlebar and foot brake
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Kickstand
  • Brake light
  • 36v lithium Battery
  • Max weight tolerance: 100kg
  • Weight: 11kg
  • For ages 14 years and over
  • Minimal Assembly Required

Performance & Use

The Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2 comes almost already completely built, save for sticking a bell on if you require it. Simply lift the metal latch, pull up from the neck of the scooter, and click the bar into position by pressing down. I had reservations as to how sturdy that would feel when compared to the other e-scooters I’ve used, but in my testing, it was very stable.

Zinq Eco Plus Gen2 Scooter hinge close up

First up, if you wish, you can use this e-scooter as just a scooter; sans the ‘e’. If you push-kick the Zinc, you’ll pick up speed just fine, and what’s more the dynamo will power the brake lights too. The rear mudguard can then be used as a manual brake as the red paddle won’t be powered to control brakes.

Of course, you probably haven’t paid over £200 to push-kick this. Jumping onboard the handlebars, whilst shorter than on other scooters, felt natural and comfortable. Where a brake would appear on a bicycle, instead there is only a rubberised grip. Further towards the centre of the handlebars however sits the red brake paddle and the black accelerator paddle. Both are tactile and easily controlled. You’ll be up and running, or scooter, in seconds. it’s very intuitive.

The weight distribution of the Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2 is also a strong point. It feels well balanced, which for adults who weigh considerably more than children, of course, is a must for safety. There is ample room on the footboard for both feet to sit alongside each other, or one in front of the other, as I prefer.

Zinq Eco Plus Gen2 Scooter

Riding The Zinc Eco Plus

The power button is not easily hit and turned on/off. You have to hold this for a second for it to power up, a feature I think some other entry-level scooters could benefit from. Once on, there are 3 modes to choose from.  There’s a low mode, medium mode and high-speed mode. As you can imagine, the low-speed mode conserves battery at the expense of acceleration and top speed, whilst high-speed mode unleashes what the scooter can do, but eats battery. The battery can be recharged fully in just under 4-hours, but a partial charge can deliver proportionately more ride time (i.e. a two-hour charge will get you further than 4 miles, etc).

At a maximum speed of 25kph (~15.5mph), you can get where you want relatively speedily. The maximum distance on a single charge is listed as 14km (~8.5 miles) and in my testing, I got just short of that, but with a mixture of modes depending on uphill or downhill riding. Your mileage may/will vary here though so plan your journey accordingly. Take your power cord if possible too for a quick top-up when you get wherever you’re going.

I’d recommend a safe speed or around 15-20kph however to allow for easy cornering. I could hit the maximum speed of 25kph, even being at the upper limit of the supported 100kg weight limit, easily. There are times when you can expect a bumpy ride thanks to only one of the tyres being air-filled. The rear is smaller and is solid which means you do feel more bumps than if both were air-filled. The flip side is you have 50% less chance of getting a puncture!

The LCD display will show the speed you’re going as well as the battery level of the scooter. Additionally, you’ll get to see the distance you’ve travelled. There is no companion app in tow for the Zinc Eco Plus so it’s good to see this on the display.

Final Thoughts

The Zinc Eco Plus Gen 2 retails on Box.co.uk for £229. Big e-scooter manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, will run you almost twice as much for their entray-level scooter. So the Zinc Eco Plus is a good value.

I’d have liked to have seen a slightly stronger kickstand mechanism, as well as both tyres being air-filled, but there is a clear positioning here. Cash is king, and some corners must be cut to deliver the scooter at this price. I’m okay with that. The ride could be smoother and if you have a lot of potholes near you on your cough private land, then you might look at alternatives but it’s not too bad on normal tarmac.

If you’re interested in more information, head on over to Box.co.uk and check out the accessories available for this (get yourself a helmet!) and look at the other Zinc Sports products.

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  1. After I unbox my daughters zinc eco scooter, i fully charge it but still can’t make it run,what am I doing wrong or missing?

  2. hi, just a quick question, dose it go for 25mph? most of the online sellers advertised as 15mph speed (this is advanced model?)

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