Tech 21 Evo Check ( Urban Edition) iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Case Review

Having seen Tech21 cases being shown across many YouTube channels due to their durability and high durability and protective functionality compared to competitors intrigued me and I wanted to try out the Evo Check case to see whether these are worth their value with protection being key on my iPhone 8 Plus.

The Tech21 Evo Check case comes in simple packaging with the key details for the case on the front including the 3 metres drop protection, ultra-thin and lightweight alongside a lifetime limited warranty. The back of the box expands on these points with a profile image of the case. When using the tag to pull out the box inside you have the case presented with an inserted named ‘Our Promises’ on the front which talks about the protective capabilities of the case.

The Evo Check in baby pink case uses a lighter shade of pink along the side compared to the back. The back is covered in a criss-cross pattern with a small gap towards the bottom which the Tech21 logo is encompassed within. The FlexShock skin is only visible from the inside with the skeletal frame being visible from the outside of the case.

The slots available for the lighting port with the microphone and speaker are similar sizes to the rest of the range with them extending slightly further back than they need to be but I guess this is more of a design choice than a practicality factor and I do feel like this could be a point of entry for debris and fluff from your pocket.

There is an incredibly satisfying tactility when pressing the power and volume buttons. There is a white insert around the mute switch, the volume buttons and the power button which creates a point of rigidity which reduced the chance of the buttons being a point of failure.

The Evo Check is an incredibly flexible case compared to the EVO Elite case which means it is easier to put on your phone in comparison.

There is ample space around the camera, flash, and microphone on the back, however, I did notice the space above and below the hump wasn’t symmetrical which is something most people will not notice but it is still something. You will also require nails, even if they are small to go between the muted and volume modes.

A lip is present on the front even when using a tempered glass screen protector which gives me the reassurance that if I lay my phone with the screen faced down, I am unlikely to scratch it against debris on the table. This is something that is not present in some of the slimmer cases which provide basic protection on the back. There is also a gap between the camera lens and the back of the case.

The Evo Check Urban Edition is also a very similar case however you get a more distinctive design with multiple rhombi’ layered across the back and this is probably my most favourite design since it is so unique. The criss-cross pattern is present on the inside of the back of the case, with the same 3 layer protection.

The cases are thin enough to support wireless charging at the same consistent speed as without the case and since one of the big new things in the iPhone 8 series is the wireless charging thanks to the glass back. 

I have found that the piece of rubber above the lightning port has bowed in slightly since there is less support here but this is nothing I haven’t experienced with other cases. This larger gap around the lighting port means that till now no cable that I have used has had an issue with not charging properly.

Having the case made of a rubbery material does aid with grip even with the glass back of the 8, 8 Plus and X compared to the 6 & 7 series’ metal backs. I would also say that this material helps with reducing the chance of the phone being dropped since your hand is less likely to slide across the back.

The case does add a fair bit of bulk all around the sides of the phone and especially since the 8 Plus is already a mostly 2 handed phone, it does make manoeuvring around the display even harder when holding the phone in one hand.

I feel like the front of the case would be better suited with a translucent grey like the one at the back of the case since it would make the case feel much more compact. This is maybe something that could be implemented in the next version.  

The case is smooth enough so that it doesn’t get stuck in my pocket like some cases I have tried in the past since it doesn’t have any sections which stick out or are overly grippy like a tire.

Because there is a gap between the case and the phone you will find some debris getting stuck there with little bits of fluff and string from my pocket being found on maybe a fortnightly basis. This probably isn’t a huge thing since a proper wipe down of your mobile device with some antibacterial wipes every couple of weeks won’t do it any harm.

The FlexShock protection definitely helped with drops, even though I am incredibly careful with handling my phone, drops always happen uncalled for so I would be rather safe than sorry since the glass is much more fragile than the aluminium backs of iPhones past even though Apple claims this is the most durable glass used in a phone. The criss-cross pattern helps to spread out the shock of the drop so the impact should be less.

The Evo Check Urban Edition is probably the case I like most out of all the Tech21 range due to its unique design whilst still protecting my phone from all harms.

Tech21 Evo Check iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Case




Build Quality









  • Good Grip
  • Drop Protection
  • Resilience


  • High Price
  • Bulkiness

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