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We saw these at The Gadget Show Live 2016 and we had to get them in for review. Here’s what I thought of the Denim coloured Talk MyWraps headphones.

If you carry ear buds on a daily basis, you probably have the same problem as everyone. Your ear buds cables get tangled and, after a few months, they breaks. It’s a problem that many companies have tried to fix by using some type of material on the outside of the cable. While it does help, you still have to store them in a little bag or they will get tangled anyway.

Work That Bracelet Girlfriend!

MyWraps have come up with a more direct solution; simply wrap them up. They do this by using a simple 3.5mm jack and plug on the ear buds themselves so you can make a bracelet out of it. I mean, why not ?

Talk MyWraps

First of all you can choose your colour. Pink, green, blue, black, brown; you are covered on that score. The second option is the material used. The Classic version is just tissue but you can upgrade to leather, denim or even wood like ebony or walnut. My version is the denim one as above.

Like everything in life, it has a price. The Classic version starts at $21.99, the denim is $27.99 and the leather and wood are priced at $38.99. Not cheap but that all depends on the value proposition.

The process to wrap them around your arm is pretty straight forward and only take a few seconds. It has been easy to use and while it is probably not the most beautiful bracelet you can have (where is my Swarovski version?) it does a job while still looking decent. I probably wouldn’t wear them at a nice restaurant during the weekend but at work or simply in town, I have no problem being seen with them as a fashion accessory.

By active music lovers. For active music lovers?

Talk MyWrapsThe problem is often the same when it comes to ear buds and headphones. While having an innovative idea they often forget about the sound quality. That’s the problem here with the Talk MyWraps. For the base model at roughly $22 one could argue that the sound you get from the ear buds is decent enough but when you lay down almost $40 for the more expensive unit it’s a shame that you have to sacrifice the sound quality that much.

As far as I know, there is no difference between the look of the cheapest version and the most expensive one either.

Let me get it straight, the sound is sub par for the price they are asking. They have a very narrow dynamic range with the bass lacking as well as the treble. You get a very buzzy metallic sound all over the frequencies also. Isolation is also one of the worst I have ever experienced. One single slight touch on the cable and you can’t hear the music.

The flip side to this is that they are quite innovative as a product. There is no way that you should be sacrificing sound quality that much however.

Talk MyWraps

To Wrap Or Not?

Based on my testing, I couldn’t recommend buying these at the prices that they are available from the MyWraps website unless sound quality is not your primary reason for purchasing (which it surely always should be for specifically sound-producing products!). As a fashion accessory for tweens, they will serve absolutely fine. anybody wanting to hear any nuance in their audio files however might want to look elsewhere.

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Talk MyWraps


Build Quality











  • Nifty innovation
  • Nice colour options


  • Poor sound overall
  • Pricey for quality on offer

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