Ringke Fusion Review: I fell in love with a case?!

After my review of the Poetic Affinity and Revolution cases, it’s now finally time for my review of the Ringke Fusion case for the OnePlus 3 / 3T. Would I recommend someone to buy the case? It is worth the price? Make sure to read this review to find it out, and more…

Ringke was kind enough to provide me with the case for review, but they haven’t got any influence on the outcome of this review. So, let’s get started.


Weight: 18 grams
Material: TPU PC Composite
Certification: MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Military Grade Drop Protection


Ringke-Fusion-Review-1When I first took the case out of its packaging, I immediately felt the sturdy build of the case. When the case was finally on my OnePlus 3 I did feel that the fuse between the PC material and the TPU wasn’t really smooth. Which is quite a bummer when you know that the rest of the case feels damn good.

The back of the case of course doesn’t really flex as it’s made out of a thick piece of polycarbonate (PC) material. The surface of the back is smooth, and I haven’t noticed any scratches during the reviewing period. I did try to scratch it with some coins, which did do some slight damage to the case. But it was to be expected. It’s just important to know that under normal conditions this case won’t scratch as easily as let’s say the Poetic Affinity case I reviewed a while back.


Ringke-Fusion-Review-2Should you ever drop a phone? Of course, not… but Ringke did certify this case for Military Grade drop protection. Although it never states the way the certification is being carried out. Which makes me wonder how much these “certifications” really matter.

Although the thing I mentioned above isn’t entirely clear, I do need to say that I would trust the case if I ever dropped my phone. That certainly can’t be said with every case. If you need a good-looking case with some good protection (no, it isn’t the best protection out there), just keep on reading.


Ringke-Fusion-Review-3So, let’s head on over to the design of the Ringke Fusion case. As its name indicates, it’s a fusion of two materials, a clear PC back and TPU on the sides. Ringke was kind enough to send me both the clear and smoke black version of the case, I’ll mostly be talking about the smoke black version here. But there isn’t a difference besides the color of the TPU.

As I mentioned, earlier on in this review, the back is completely made out of a clear sheet of PC material. Which is something I love with these kind of cases, instead of hiding the true beauty of your phone, you’ll finally be able to see it whenever you want. Besides that, it also gives you the possibility to apply some awesome skins to your phone. Without hiding them behind one of the 1000 black cases you can find on the market.

At last we’ve got the TPU part of this case, which is either completely clear or partially clear with the smoke black version. Personally, I would go for the smoke black version of this case. The clear version of the case isn’t as clear as you may think, and the kind of brown and clear TPU gives a nice effect together with the clear PC back.


In the last part of this review I’ll be talking about the cutouts and buttons of the case. Some cases just suck in terms of the buttons, and others are just lovely. This case is just… The buttons are so tactile, never had a case before which gave this much tactile feedback. There wasn’t any difference between the volume and power buttons, both just feel amazing.

The cutouts of this case are perfect, there’s more than plenty of space for the Dash Charge cable. The cutout for the speaker is just perfect. The cutout for the 3.5mm jack is a bit small though, and it may give some issues if you’re trying to squeeze in some bigger jacks. For me it wasn’t an issue at all during the review period, but then again. I’ve only got one pair of headphones with a small headphone jack. The cutout for the camera is, like all other cutouts besides the 3.5mm jack, just perfect.


So, here we are. At the final part of my review. Let’s wrap it all up for you…

From the moment I started using the case, up to this date it’s still one of my favorite cases. It surprised me with its durability, and the way it didn’t slip out of my hand all the times. I would certainly recommend this case to everyone who just wants to see their phones, while getting a great level of protection for just £8,99. And basically for everyone out there, it’s a great case. And I’m sure you won’t be switching cases soon after getting this case!

Ringke Fusion OnePlus 3/3T Case


Build quality






Buttons / cutouts





  • Build quality
  • Cutouts
  • Buttons


  • Fuse

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  1. Can the back plastic be removed so the case can be used as a bumper case ?

  2. Ordered a case for my phone came next day. Great service fast delivery and brilliant product information. Will definintely use this company in the future.

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