RevoNext RX8S: Weird, Wired, Wonderful

With the RevoNext RX8S, I’d forgive you for thinking that it’s a product that is living in the past. There’s no wireless technology here meaning you’ll have to dig out that 3.5mm-enabled smartphone, or be all about that dongle life again. There’s no microphone either so you can’t tell those pesky callers to disappear without raising the phone to your ear. What there is, is a tight soundstage, a sleek and cool design, as well as bass for days, and RevoNext has solutions for the lack of microphone and Bluetooth also. So let’s take a closer look at the RevoNext RX8S.

revonext rx8s

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RevoNext RX8S
  • Excellent audio
  • Great price
  • Good isolation
  • No 3.5mm adapter included
  • Ropey connector

Buy from Amazon UK – £32


RevoNext aren’t like of companies in the same market – they sell only in-ear audio options. I canvased a few people in the tech community and they’ve almost all used a RevoNext product at some point and it’s easy to see why. Most of their products are at the lower end of the price point you’d expect for the product in question.

The RevoNext RX8S differs from its RX8 sibling by delivering a single dynamic driver as well as dual balanced armatures. The bass that can be produced from dynamic drivers, coupled with the isolation that is usually delivered from balanced armatures makes this an interesting product; that and the price point of just £32!

revonext rx8s

The construction of the RevoNext RX8S is largely plastic, with the monitor itself being plastic (red in our case), the connector being plastic and the cable being, you guessed it, wrapped in plastic. In fact, the only part of the unit that isn’t plastic aside from the silicone tips is the included velcro cable tidy strap.

In the box you get the RevoNext RX8S along with some spare tips, a quick start guide and a nice little squeezable silicone carry case. It’s actually just nice to fidget with!

It’s also worth noting that the RX8S can come with or without an inline microphone. Our unit came without a mic, but there is no additional cost for the “with mic” option which is nice.


  • Type – In-Ear
  • Connectivity – Wired
  • Cable Length – 125cm±2cm
  • Sensitivity – 110dB
  • Impedance – 23Ω
  • Frequency Range – 7Hz-40KHz
  • Plug Type – 3.5mm L Plug
  • Pin Type – 0.78mm
  • Weight – 20g±2g


Right off the top, I just like these. They are ergonomic in their design, and sit in the ear almost flush so I can see those of you out there that like to sleep with IEMs in (I don’t recommend that) might do well with these. Aside from that, there are a few colour options (blue, black, clear and red) and all of them are transparent which makes for a nice aesthetic.

The connector that bonds the monitor to the cable is a two-pin connector and not the more robust MMCX connection method, and I’m unsure that these would take much abuse if disconnecting them relatively often. I can see those pins bending very quickly. Luckily the amount of times a disconnection is needed is, well for me, zero so far.

They sit in a reverse orientation in the ear with the usual way of wearing them seeing the cable drape back and over the top of the ear dropping down to the neck. I didn’t find this incredibly easy to situate to begin with but quickly it became familiar and they feel so comfortable in the ear that I forgot about making sure that the cable sits just right and just got on with it after one or two sessions.


In a word, excellent. From the first few notes of Marshmello’s “Project Dreams” through to the synth-tastic “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic and climaxing with “Light It Up” from Major Lazer, the RevoNext RX8S delivers a warm, broad, crisp sound. The lows are rumbling and clear. I recall my first quality PC headset was a Razer Kraken unit which had bass for days. The low end on that was just brilliant, but it muddied the rest of the range, with mids muddy and highs barely even there. I’m glad to say with the RevoNext RX8S the bass is actually quite similar but there’s no bleed into the mids, which are quality also with some great depth.

The highs do suffer a little bit from the mids bleeding into them, but just like people quite like the Samsung Galaxy warming processing on photos, despite them not being a real-world reproduction, the RevoNext RX8S just does a great job of delivering an interesting sound, that you don’t feel the need to jump on it from a great height when you do notice the odd clarity issue.

revonext rx8s

There’s no noise cancellation here other than the passive aspect of them being IEMs, but the isolation of the music playing is impressive. At a tolerable but still quite high volume, they are nearly inaudible from just 10cm away when taken out of the ear, with that distance drastically reduced when in-ear. Commuters will be protected from annoying their fellow passengers here.

As previously mentioned, our review unit has no inline microphone, but that option is available. They do indeed lack volume and music controls that other products have, and we’d like to see a control pod as standard here. Luckily RevoNext makes it easy to swap out the cable with alternatives, so if you’re not content with their wired functionality without a microphone, just head on over and check out their RevoNext B02 Bluetooth cable. At an additional £20 however, it needs to be factored into any buying decision.


I have a lot of time for the RevoNext RX8S despite my almost complete conversion to Bluetooth-enabled headphones over the last 18 months. They can’t really be faulted for the price. In fact, for just around £20 extra you can make them Bluetooth-enabled and solve any issues I might have with them, which would bring the package to a little over £50, which, no matter how you swing it, with this audio prowess, is still a decent price.

The connector still worries me and a verdict on the longevity of the 2-pins is still outstanding, but it will entirely depend on how often you detach them. I also wish there was some sort of USB-to-3.5 mm adapter included, but then again they are a dime-a-dozen really.

Without grabbing the Bluetooth cable, and taking these RX8S’s for what they are out of the box we received, for £32, you get a cool design, triple driver design with an excellent soundstage, and a snazzy carry case. What more can you really ask?

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