Review: Gigabyte XM300 (Gaming) Mouse

Gigabyte are synonymous with PC peripherals and components. Whether it be graphics cards or motherboards. We’re looking at a Gigabyte gaming mouse, the XM300. Find out Jeffrey’s thoughts.

First of all I would like to thank Gigabyte for making this review possible by supplying the XM300 Gaming Mouse.

After knowing the order got shipped out to me, I was expecting a small box to arrive at my house, which wasn’t really the case with this mouse. The box if pretty big, even though you’ll only find the Gigabyte XM300 and an extra feet for your mouse inside the box.


After receiving the mouse I immediately opened the box to start using the mouse, and oh boy. The mouse feels good inside my hands, although I don’t really like the plastic that they’ve used on the sides of the mouse, it feels kinda out-of-place compared to the rest of the mouse.

  • USB cable connection (1.8M, Gold plated)
  • Gaming Optical Sensor (Pixart 3988)
  • 50~6400dpi with 50dpi increments (Default: 800/1600/2400/3200 dpi)
  • DPI switch on top of the XM300
  • Up to 12500 FPS
  • Max. acceleration is 50G
  • Omron switch life: 20 million clicks
  • 101 grams
  • Support for Windows 7/8/10

If you’re really looking for a mouse with an amazing design, you may want to stop reading this review to head over to some more expensive mice. What it does offer is a pretty good-looking mouse given the price is just between €30-40.

It also doesn’t look as extreme as other Gaming mice may look. If you would ask me whether it’s a gaming mouse or a normal mouse I would think it’s just another normal mouse.

Looking closely you’ll see the Gigabyte Gaming logo at the front of the mouse, and two DPI switches on top of the mouse to switch between the four programmed DPI settings. At last you’ll find two programmable buttons on the sides of the mouse.

As I said earlier, this design won’t scare anyone off from buying this mouse, but it neither attracts a lot of people. I asked my friends and family if they would buy it looking at just the design, and most of them were OK with the design, but if they would buy it most of the time resulted in an uhhhmm….

Performance is the place where you’ll see that this is indeed a gaming mouse, the Omron switches are really good in the XM300 and they give a loud and clear click when you click on it. I do need to note that there seems to be something wrong with the right button after using it for a few weeks. But that may just be my unit.

The thing I liked the most of this mouse is the option to configure your own DPI profiles and change them whenever you want with one easy click on the DPI switcher on top of the mouse. What comes even more in handy at that moment are the lights on the side of the mouse showing you your current DPI profile. During the testing period of this mouse it was set to 3000 DPI although I sometimes changed it to 4/5000 DPI when I started gaming.

I’ve used this mouse during a few occasions like gaming, browsing the web or even when editing some pictures. Using this mouse while gaming felt really good due to the good size of the mouse, and the nice grips on the side. I’ve never felt the mouse letting me down during gaming, even when playing games like Battlefield 4 or COD BO III.

And while editing pictures and browsing the web it just feels like a normal mouse, nothing more and nothing less. If you aren’t into gaming, you may want to, also due to the price, look at other mice which do exactly the same for a lower price.

While we were looking at the best thing of the mouse, welcome at the other side. This is one of the points where the mouse is really lacking. Even the price doesn’t make up for this letdown.

They tried to make it look funky a better, but all they did was ruining the entire software experience. Everything looks very old, and loading a setting may take up to 5 seconds, and that’s while you’re using a fast PC. Besides that everything is divided into different parts of the settings. Of course, if you won’t use the software that much there’s no problem at all, but for some more hardcore gamers this just isn’t what they’re looking for in the software department.

So, there you go. A gaming mouse for around €30, is it worth the money? That’s actually a pretty hard question for myself to answer. If you just started gaming and you’ve got the money left it’s a steal for the bang for your buck. Looking at it from a normal consumers perspective this may not be the mouse you want to buy. The quality is indeed pretty good although it has got its flaws, and you don’t want to drop this mouse once, and that’s exactly what I did, because it won’t survive a 1 meter drop.

The software may be the biggest flaw of this device, but on the other hand, if you don’t use it, it doesn’t really matter either. It works, but not the way it should work.

Of course, you’ll need to decide on your own whether you want to buy it or not. I’m sure that I would’ve bought it if I was looking for a mouse though.

Gigabyte XM300













  • Performance
  • DPI leds
  • DPI buttons


  • Software
  • Build quality
  • Materials

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