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We’ve covered a few gaming mice, we have not really covered mechanical keyboards, which is about to be rectified. So when I was looking, I spent quite a few hours reading and watching reviews before I finally decided which one would make me part with my hard earned cash. The Geezer Mechanical Keyboard review is incoming – read on.

Geezer did NOT provide us with a unit for review. The cost of £29.99 was spent entirely by myself back in October 2016 and boy have I enjoyed using it.

Opening the box you don’t get anything special. The keyboard is presented to you in a little plasticy cover, with the cable and key puller being tucked up behind the cardboard tube thing at the top. You’ll find the paperwork under the keyboard.

So this is where I’d usually do my usual bullet pointed run of the specs but I couldn’t find any amazing specs worth bullet pointing so I’ll be doing it like this instead. To start with this is not a Cherry MX Blue key switch keyboard, but rather a clone of them really. Whilst I couldn’t comment on travel and other nerdy stuff that mainstream keyboard reviewers do, I can honestly say that it is very loud to use, so the Cherry MX Blue cloning really worked! I am not kidding it is louder than someone who has the clicking sound playing at full whilst they are typing on a phone. At first it’s quite annoying but you quickly get used to it and you try to type quicker to keep the sounds coming and going as fast. It hasn’t been an issue for me.

It is a 10 key less keyboard meaning it has no number pad. Not a problem for me since my old membrane keyboard didn’t have one either and even when my old Asus laptop had one I never used it, although this is a deal breaker for some.

It may look like a full RGB keyboard but I can assure you it’s not. Each row lights up in a different colour. Whilst you can adjust the brightness and pattern, that it is it. There are 12 patterns and personally I think that they are all pretty silly. Adjusting the brightness is something I never use, but then again I have it on full as that is fine for me. You also get an option to turn them off completely if you don’t want them on. Some may not like it being like this but it’s very different which is why I like it so much. Some would say “damn that GEEZER could give my eyes cancer man!”- according to Craig anyway!

This keyboard has the usual USB connection plug and play functionality that you’d expect as well as support for Windows, MAC, Linux and so on; you know the score. The board also has flip out feet with rubber pads on which is always nice. One thing I will point out is that my unit uses the US layout so a couple of the key labels don’t match what happens when you actually press them. Whilst I could switch my PC to English US I can’t be bothered and after about 10 mins playing around with them I was able to find where they all were. Since purchasing my board they have updated the unit to a UK layout so if a UK layout is a must for you then Geezer has you covered.

I previously mentioned I brought this back in October and have been using it ever since. Whilst this is my first mechanical keyboard that I’ve used, I actually quite like it. Scrap that I love it. The clickety-clang as you type away is oddly satisfying and the colours are really nice too. I much prefer the look of the different colour rows over the whole RGB on each key. Whilst it would have been nice if the cable was braided it however is quite thick so I wouldn’t expect it to split anytime soon.

The weight of the thing is something else that caught me off guard. It’s relatively slight at just 808g, as it’s made from aluminium and plastic. The good news is that it won’t slide anywhere, even if you are mashing the hell out of it whilst playing your favourite PC (master race) game.

So if you couldn’t tell, I would recommend this keyboard for those who are after a mechanical keyboard – full stop. The colours may not do it for some but I like it (a lot) and they can always be turned off. They keys have great travel and the fact it is only coming in at £32.99 currently is still a steal, if a slight increase on what I paid for it. Plus, it now comes with a UK layout! Grab one if you need a sturdy mechanical keyboard – that is all.

Side note – the whole review was written on this keyboard.

Geezer Mechanical Keyboard




Build quality







  • Cheap
  • Diferent colours for keys
  • Clicky
  • Brightness controls for LED


  • Colours may put some on
  • Lack of num pad may annoy some

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