Review: EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000

Manufacturers are focused on making both smartphones and tablets thinner, lighter and overall a more aesthetically pleasing. Batteries are now suffering. Enter the EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000 Review.

Adding to the reduction in battery size, manufacturers are using more powerful hardware which in turn means the hardware needs more power. This means you have to charge your mobile devices more frequently and if you have a built-in battery it is even more annoying. Long gone are the days of switching out a dead battery for a fresh fully charged one.

Sure you can buy a battery case, such as a Mophie Juice Pack and slap it on the back of your device but this makes the device much thicker. But there is an alternative solution. External battery banks. Whilst there are thousands of options, I order the EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000.

With a 10,000 mAh battery and a choice of colour as well as the £15.99 price tag it seemed like the idle option. At 133mm x 71mm X 16mm it is compact and portable. I purchased this item on the 25th January 2015. To this day it is the best external battery, that I have ever used. I had previously used a RAVPower RP-PB08 Luster 3000 mAh external battery but when I sold my Nexus 7 (2012 model), I found myself draining my battery (at the time Samsung Galaxy S3) even quicker than before. This meant I then ended up draining the battery in the external charger even quicker. So I decided that it was time to upgrade my external battery.

Inside the box there is 2 micro USB cables, the external battery and an instruction manual. The unit has 2 USB ports (1 that outputs at 1.5A and 1 that outputs at 2.1A) as well as a micro USB port to charge the device. This allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. EasyAcc claims you can charge an iPhone 6 around 3.5 times and a Samsung Galaxy S6 2.5 times. When my unit arrived, it come fully charged. I can also confirm that other units have arrived fully charged.

As far as durability is concerned, I can honestly say that it has held out well. As I have previously mentioned I brought this in January and I have thrown it in and out of various bags. Besides the markings on the surface of the casing (which you cannot feel when you rub your finger over it) there is no other damage.

In conclusion the EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000 is an affordable and reasonable priced external battery bank and rugged enough to take every day wear and tear. I would personally recommend to anyone who needs to charge their mobile devices on the go.

EasyAcc Powerbank PB10000











  • Compact
  • Reasonable priced
  • Durable


  • Include cables break easily
  • Has to be charged with a 2.1 Amp charger

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