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Among many companies we have reviewed for at MobileTechTalk, Aukey have been one of the most accommodating companies ever to cherish this website. They have provided us with many giveaway prizes, including the ones that were at the forefront of our previous giveaways here.

But not only are Aukey a friendly and approachable company, they provide some of the best accessories to grace the technology world. I’m going to be reviewing a few products from Aukey over the next few days here on Mobile Tech Talk, and we’re starting with one of the most useful extensions of your Laptop/Computer, which is their exceptionally convenient USB Hub.

Build Quality

A USB Hub is more of a convenience item than it is something to adore and cherish by its looks, so it’s somewhat difficult to be picky about the design of, well, any USB Hub, really. Nethertheless, the Aukey USB Hub is a precisely cut slab of black plastic with 4 USB ports along the top of the device, with the well-accustomed ‘Aukey’ logo situated at the top just above the first USB Port. When you take the device out of its packaging, it has somewhat of a ‘Powerhouse’ feel to it. It’s thick, burly, but manages to pull the look off well for such a simple bit of design.


Situated at the bottom of the device is a blue LED to indicate the device is powered on and working, and I must say that the light in which it illuminates from the device is quite striking, almost overbearing if you’re working in a pitch black condition with no natural lighting around you.

In terms of fit, the USB ports themselves have a nice ‘snug’ fit to them, but I did manage have troubles getting the USB cables into the ports initially because the ports are seemingly upside-down with the way the device naturally orientates. The cable emanating from the back of the device to plug into your power source is relatively long, but I’d say it’s more on the short side. On the other end of that short cable is a USB 3.0 connection, which is definitely welcomed.



After using the Aukey USB Hub for almost a week now, moving from charging my iPhone 7 Plus via the Hub itself, and my MacBook directly, there are very minor differences in charging speed.
When charging directly from my MacBook, the iPhone 7 Plus takes on average about an hour to charge up to its full battery capacity. With the USB Hub, it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes with the same battery remaining as it did from my MacBook – very minor differences between the two methods.


For a tiny so minuscule, I expected it to heat up quite rapidly with the more devices I charged at a time. This, surprisingly, was not the case at all. I charged 4 devices all via different cable sources (Nintendo Switch Controller, My Electronic Cigarette, iPhone 7 Plus & PS4 Controller), and the Hub itself never once got above a lukewarm temperature. Of course, charging speeds varied thanks to this, but this is to be expected from a USB as it distributes the power equally to each power input.


In conclusion, the Aukey USB Hub performs admirably in its testing, and while it’s not the most ‘glaring’ thing to look at, it’s not meant to bedazzle you with its looks in the first place. The device speaks in its core functionality, which it does exceptionally well throughout any task I managed to throw at it.

Thank you to Aukey for sending me the Hub for the purpose of review.

Aukey USB Hub


Build Quality









  • Incredibly Sturdy
  • Charges Fast
  • USB 3.0


  • Bulky
  • Very Bright LED

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