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Another week, another Aukey product! This week we’re looking at the Aukey USB Car Charger kindly provided to me by the company themselves for the purpose of review. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at my review from last week where I looked at their sturdy-looking USB Hub.

Without sounding too pedantic, the use of a USB Car Charger requires a car to use as a test dummy – and while I own a car, I don’t usually travel vast distances to warrant the use of a charger. Or when I do, I make sure my devices are all charged ready for the journey. So for this review, I took my cautious mind off of charging my devices in time for a long journey and charged them on the road while traveling on the weekends. You never realize how much a convenience something really is until you have become accustomed to it over a constant use basis of a mere 2 days, and as simple as the accessory is, it can become a godsend in those tight situations where that pesky thing called traffic sets in.

Build Quality

A common theme I have come across while reviewing Aukey products is the fact that each product they send me is superbly built. I mean sure, these are simple and unassuming devices when it comes down to it, but there’s something about Aukey products that give off an aura of care and compassion. It may sound odd that I’m referring to a USB Car Charger as ‘compassionate’, but it’s the initial vibe I felt about this, and many other Aukey products, when they first arrived.

The main selling point of this charger is the fact that it’s small, fitting flush inside your cigarette lighter port in your car so it doesn’t get in the way of your driving. So, of course, the charger itself is super tiny – So tiny I’m surprised they managed to fit their logo on there. Speaking of the logo, it resides along the side of the device with a couple of holding clips each side so it doesn’t fall out of the charging port during your drive.


Along the top of the device is where the 2 USB ports are situated, with clear labeling of how many amps each port is capable of (2.4, for those curious). Finally, the bottom is where the connector for the car charger lives – and that’s about it. It’s just a simple well put together accessory that does what it’s meant to do.


Where the Aukey Car Charger really shines is in its function, as you would expect from a device which has a sole purpose of providing power. With my extensive use of the device, the car charger performed admirably and I have no qualms at all about how it works. It charged the devices I had plugged into it just fine, with no loose connection or signs of the accessory itself wiggling its way out of the charging port.

In terms of charge time, I set off on a 1 hour 30 minute trip to Blackpool with my phone on 30% charge, and about halfway through my journey the phone was almost full (85%), and the remainder of the journey replenished the rest of my precious iPhones battery power. I also had my electronic cigarette plugged in at the same time, so any signs of detriment to charging with 2 devices charging concurrent were pretty much diminished on my first use.


There really isn’t much I need to say about this little accessory other than buying it if you are in the market for a car charger. It’s small, convenient and well put together bit of kit that will not let you down for when you’re in need of a charge on your way home from work after a long day.

Aukey, yet again, hit it out of the park when it comes to the construction of the charger, and you will not be disappointed.

Aukey Car Charger


Build Quality







  • Well Put Together
  • Functions Perfectly
  • Fits Flush

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