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Welcome to another week of Aukey product reviews! This week is the final week, and I left the best for last.
You have probably noticed a somewhat recurring theme while I have been writing these reviews for Aukey: Consistency. It’s a word that has been oversaturated and thrown around quite a lot to such a point, the word really has no more meaning.

In my opinion: Aukey, as a company, put the word ‘consistent’ in the dictionary; they exemplify the word and all it means. Not only do they strive for greatness (what company doesn’t?), they also are the nicest people you could ever have the chance of interacting with.

In this week’s final Aukey review, I am going to be taking a look at their power outlet they sent over to me for the purpose of this review. It features one thing I have been looking for in a long while when it comes to power outlets: USB Ports. How does the outlet perform? Find out after the break.



If you have read my previous reviews on Aukey products, another pattern you will easily spot is that the Singapore company aren’t going to win any medals for design – but that’s okay. Aukey is a company based on function, and how the product internally works; making the overall user experience second to none.

This power outlet is no exception from previous Aukey products, it’s a rectangular slab constructed out of a thick sheet of white plastic with a silky smooth curvature surrounding the edges of the product. It features 3 standard power sockets, with 3 USB ports residing next to it. One thing that I found very handy when I first inspected the device was that it had an on/off switch, meaning the power of the device isn’t defined by the wall socket it is plugged into.


Like many power supplies before it, the Aukey Power Outlet features 2 little LED-lit indicators for surge protection and a power indicator next to it.

There’s not much more to say in terms of how its designed, as you can’t be too unique in your design choices for a power outlet – It has to reach certain specification and also not be cumbersome enough to fit in spaces out of the way. As Aukey’s version of the standard power outlet isn’t too much of a block design and more of a curved affair, it looks exceptionally premium next to any product in this category.


Before we get into my findings with how this product works, and how it worked for me – here are some technical specifications:

Rated Power (Plugs) – 13A – 250V
USB Ports – 5V – 3.1A

After using this power outlet for more than a week now, I can honestly say that there is no difference between plugging a charger into a wall and using it that way. Sure, there is bound to be some differences in charge time due to the volt distribution throughout the 6 ports it has in total, but with of 4 chargers plugged into the Aukey power outlet, there was a minimal difference from using a wide selection of power outlets I had laying around. The added convenience of having 3 USB ports came in handy as I didn’t have a plug for my iPhone charger at the time, and even then the charge time was minutely different from the extra amperage from a plug.


Another thing I had noticed during my time with this device is the lack of heat emanating from it when charging multiple devices at a time. As a test, I plugged 6 chargers into the outlet and charged all my devices I had available at the same time and left it for 20 minutes. When I came back to the outlet and felt it, it was cold to the touch. Just as a final confirmation, the devices were charging fine with no immediate issues.

So, to conclude this section: the Aukey power supply performs the same, if not a little better in some functions than a conventional power supply.


Again, the proof is in the function when it comes to any product Aukey produces – and their power supply doesn’t stray from that norm. It’s a sturdy-looking, curved rectangle slab that performs like a champ if you need something that charges multiple devices at once, with the added bonus of 3 USB ports for those times you misplaced your plug. I would recommend this product to anyone in the market for a power supply


So this is it – the end of our Aukey adventure. I would first of all like Aukey for sending me this product, along with the other products from my previous week’s reviews; you have been wonderful to work with, and I hope to be hearing some amazing things from you in the future. Keep up the exceptional work.

Aukey Power Outlet









  • 3 USB Ports
  • A Different Look from Conventional Supplies
  • Very Durable
  • Fast Charging


  • Quite Bulky

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