RecovaPro Lite Review:

The RecovaPro Lite brings muscular recovery and pain relief to the masses as a price point that is palatable. Given the Red Dot award for design, it is truly portable and can act as your own personal masseur/masseuse whilst on the go. We put it to the test to see whether it can really deliver for somebody who isn’t a pro athlete.

RecovaPro Lite
  • Ergonomic and portable
  • Nice accessories
  • Actually tried and tested by professionals
  • Good price for the right use case
  • Screw-fit would feel more intuitive

Buy on RecovaPro Website – £139

Buy on Amazon UK – £160


The RecovaPro Lite was provided free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for a full and fair review. RecovaPro have requested no specific treatment, and have not had input into the content of this review or early-access to the final published article. The RecovaPro has been tested over a two week period whilst.

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The RecovaPro Lite is such an interesting little device, especially for us here on MTT. We rarely get access to such products due to our usual leanings and it’s nice to review a product that can demonstrably improve people’s lives. RecovaPro isn’t just a fly-by-night operation; they are trusted to perform by the Premier League’s biggest clubs, fitness buffs and Personal Trainers to name just a few.

The RecovaPro Lite is aimed at allowing those that need to train harder and recover faster. It’s equally adept at providing relief for other ailments too such as tendonitis bursitis and arthritis. There are even guides and videos on the site to aid you.

The RecovaPro Lite makes use of focused percussive vibrations to work on sore or tired muscles which in turn helps your body to recover more quickly after a gym session or a long day at work. For me, I was eager to see how this worked to stimulate my muscles prior to a gym session due to my rather sedentary lifestyle in 2020.

The RecovaPro Lite sits in the middle of their range with the RecovaPro SE sitting at the top. The RecovaPro Lite comes in 5 different colours if that’s your thing for such a product; Pink, Blue, Grey, Black and White. Every RecovaPro Lite purchase comes with a 90-day return policy and a 2-year warranty which might be critical for this sort of product.

There are 5-speed modes, with 4 different attachments, to cover all bases, and the RecovaPro Lite itself is made from an aluminium alloy with a chrome plating and a brushed plastic finish. On first glance, it resembles a hairdryer, but at 700g it is significantly heavier than most of those.

There’s a charging port at the bottom of the device and at the opposite end, the port for the attachments. The power and function button sits on the neck at the bench and controls the vibration power as well as showing the battery status via a row of LEDs.

Specifications – RecovaPro Lite

  • 5-speed modes
  • 12mm amplitude
  • 50lbs stall force
  • 4 attachments
    • Bullet, Fork, Flat and Ball
  • 180-minutes battery life
  • 40-decibel operating noise

Box Contents

  • RecovaPro Lite
  • Carry Case
  • Charging Mat
  • AC Adapter with variable Country adapters
  • Massage attachments
  • User guide

Performance & Use

First of all, you get quite a lot for the money. Four interchangeable massage attachments, a nice variable wall adapter as well as a charging mat and carry case.

The RecovaPro Lite feels incredibly comfortable in the hand, even when in use. I’ve used other massagers and they chatter your teeth when you use them. The RecovaPro Lite vibration technology is so focused than even slightly longer sessions didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The key is picking the right attachment to get the best out of the RecovaPro Lite though. Out of the four attachments included, I tended to use the flat attachment the most. I wanted to work on my quads and calves as I have short calves which cause some instability around my knee area. Given the year we’ve just had, and a return to the gym being sporadic, I aimed to put the RecovaPro Lite to the test in this regard.

Choose Your Weapon

The ball attachment was also very useful, but I did find the fork and the bullet a little too focused for my use case. For athletes and fitness professionals I can see these, in particular, getting much more use.

  • Ball attachment – Suitable for large muscle groups and the ideal attachment for treating Plantar fasciitis.
  • Flat Attachment – Suitable for all parts of the body and ideal attachment for treating Quads, Hamstrings and calves.
  • Fork Attachment – Suitable for the Neck and in between the spine.
  • Bullet Attachment – Used for Pinpoint treatment. Ideal for releasing knots.

Sessions ranged from 15 to 20-minutes, and I found myself feeling warmed and left with a slight tingle in the focused area. It was the sort of feeling you’d feel after a short warm-up before a workout. At the time of writing, I’ve engaged in 10 of these sessions without the need to recharge the RecovaPro Lite which seems to sit nicely with the marketed 180-minute battery life.

Those sessions utilised all of the 5 speed modes on offer. Each level increases the percussions per second, starting at 1500/25 and hitting a speedy 2800/47.

The controls were easy to use, but the button did feel a little mushy, and there was a momentary hesitation after pressing the button, before the RecovaPro Lite springs into action. This was, in the early days of testing, enough to make me press the button again. Not a show stopper, and easily learned.

Changing the attachments is as simple as pulling one of them off and slotting the next in. I did sometimes feel like I’d broken it though. When pulling off, the metal slot that holds the attachments does protrude from the RecovaPro making it look like you might have used too much force. I’d like to see a screw-fit mechanism here perhaps in future. There’s no danger of breaking it though.

Final Thoughts

Quite simply, consumer health technology has never been more accessible. At around between £140 and £160 depending on sales, I can’t do anything but recommend this product if you suffer from a muscular issue, or you wish to just up your training game. The RecovaPro SE might be a better option if you absolutely must have the largest battery life, the additional attachment and a slightly more powerful actuation, but it will run you at least an additional £70.

The RecovaPro Lite actually helped ease the stress on my quads too. With a frequent set of sessions prior to the gym I felt a noticeable difference in the muscle after a gym workout. I’ll certainly be continuing to use it!

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