PopSockets – A Perfect Christmas Gift

This isn’t a product I’d normally a) review or b) use. I like my phones either naked entirely or in a case with a magnetic disc for my car holder. However, when PopSockets reached out, two thoughts come to mind; “It’s nearly Christmas” and shortly thereafter “Lots of people like using their phone as a fashion statement”. With both of these fresh in mind, I embarked on a journey into the mind of a Generation Z’er.

  • Massive range
  • Two stop points
  • Very adhesive
  • Will restrict docking/holder options & Qi charging

Buy on Amazon UK – From £11.00

So, just what are “PopSockets”? It’s actually quite an intuitive name. PopSockets attach to your smartphone or device with an adhesive disc, and has a ‘socket’ that can be ‘popped’ in and out to allow easier safer one-handed use.

The disc can adhere to most flat surfaces without much issue. I attempted to attach this to my old OnePlus One, which has a rather mottled textured backside, and it still managed to feel sturdy. When attached it isn’t overly big so it doesn’t detract too much from the overall profile of the device when it’s at it’s thinnest, although it’s certainly not invisible. On most devices, it doubles the width at the point it’s attached but it depends on the PopSocket you’ve chosen to rock as to whether it is discreet or not.


That’s the other thing to talk about here, as the product is quite simplistic. The sheer amount of options you have is immense. Star Wars, Unicorns, The Punisher, Pop Culture, Ambient – the list of artistic options are endless with more being released often. Starting from around £11 also they make nice little stocking fillers.

There are also a few sizes depending on the design chosen. For example, I opted for a ‘mockadile’ option to rock on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro, however, should you want to be a little more minimalist and utilise the backside of the PopSocket as a mirror, you can do, and that option is slightly bigger to make it useful. There are even completely different products, such as the PopWallet, PopMount or PopMinis which are great for gamers.


Going back to where I started originally, this isn’t my cup of tea as I already have my utility all specified; Qi Wireless pad embedded into my disk, Qi Wireless charging dock in the car, etc. However when I actually started using the PopSocket, I found myself liking it a lot – no, scrap that, loving it! You see it released the inner child in me again. I started collecting some Funko Pop Vinyl products of abstract TV shows I used to watch or Pop Culture icons, and this felt the same to me when I started looking at all the options. I started changing the backplates because you can do that without changing the entire thing which is just excellent, and I found myself with a Batman disc before long.

Using the PopSocket is just fun, it feels good, and it provides a simple, cost-effective solution to a very 21st Century problem. Spending £11 on these might save £100+ on a phone/screen replacement.


The only negative I can think of during my use is that it might cost quite a lot to catch them all. That is something you’re going to have to worry about as it can get infectious. That, and the fact that if you already have your setup, as in my case, you might have to shuffle the deck a little.

PopSockets do offer mounting peripherals such as the PopMounts mentioned before, but there are still issues if you’re used to using Qi Wireless charging, and a mount is a separate product with a cost associated. However, I would imagine that the demographic this is aimed at has a very form over function outlook when it comes to their tech, especially their smartphones, so this might well prove to be of no issue. It was highlighted to me during my use that these might also be great for those who have dexterity issues and it wasn’t something I ever thought of, but they certainly do help with navigating the screen real-estate with one hand.

At a little over a few Coffees in price, this is a great stocking filler!

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