Review: Antlion Audio ModMic 4.0

When it comes to headsets there are hundreds upon thousands of choices on the market all ranging in price and quality. From the cheap low quality headsets to reasonably priced ones to those with average sound. But what if you already have a set of headphones that you really like the sound of, comfort and fit. This is where the Antlion Audio ModMic comes in.

What Is The ModMic?

The concept of the ModMic is simple. Take a pair of existing great cans and give it a new mic. The problem with desktop microphones are that they pick up every knock and tap on the desk which isn’t ideal. Perhaps a lav mic is another option?. Whilst this does fix the issues the desk mounted mic cause, it also means you’re tethered to something with a wire unless you’ve got more money than sense and have a wireless lav.

Enter the ModMic.

The ModMic 4.0 comes in many versions. The main 2 differences are uni-directional and omni-directional, and with or without a mute switch. The unidirectional means that it will only pick up sound from the one direction and the omni, well it picks up sound from multiple directions.


When it comes to an unboxing it is a very simple affair. Pulling of the cardboard sleeve reveals the hard case. Unzipping the zipper reveals the microphone itself down one side and the cable and accessories down the other side. Pulling everything out gives you:

  • ModMic
  • Manual
  • 2x magnetic base clamps
  • 5 cable clips

Tour of Device

The product is as simple as the unboxing. On the top you’ll find the boom mic itself, with a windshield (dead cat) on the end. Heading to the back of the mic you’ll find the long 3m cable terminating in a 3.5mm jack with a mute switch near the top.


Really simple in this department. Simply attach the base to your desired headphones. Place the microphone on the base and using the provided cable clips, clip the two cables together and boom. Pretty simple. However, a top tip is to have some excess wire above the first clip. This is because when you turn your head the cable will snag and the microphone will lift. That is only annoying to those listening to the snagging noise and was commented on in testing. Leaving more wire is a simple fix though.

As far as audio goes it sounds semi-pro. By no means does it sound like a professional mic but it is certainly a huge step up over the common reasonably priced headsets. Even the lav mic I was using. It is more than capable for gaming and voice overs too.

Audio Sample Here


So to round up this short review. Yes the ModMic is worth the £40 price tag. Whilst this isn’t the latest microphone in the Antlion line up but it is last one at the £40 price range. The unidirectional means that it blocks out peripheral noise that you do not want it to pick up which is perfect for a gaming headset as well as light voice over work. Pair it with a great set off cans and you will be more than delighted with the result. If the wires catch on something then you can use some braided sleveing and Bob’s your Uncle; a neat and tidy solution.

Please Note – The price is constantly changing but it is usually £40.

ModMic 4.0


Build quality









  • Simple to set up
  • Uses a 3.5mm jack
  • Great sound
  • Mute switch is taticle


  • Cable is too long
  • Not enough cable clips are provided
  • Price is constanly jumping around

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