Peli 0915 Memory Card Case Review

Want to be one of those organised people? Take a lot of photos? Well you’re going to need somewhere to store those SD Cards then right? The Peli 0915 Memory Card Case has you covered, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look.

Thanks to Peli for sending this out to us to test out.

PeliI film YouTube videos from time to time as well as take a lot of photos and because of that I have seemed to collected a wide collection of SD cards and until about a couple of weeks ago they were just sitting in my drawer. This wasn’t really great in terms of management and then if I needed a card to go do a shoot then I would have to just put the bundle of the SD cards into my camera bag and this has meant I have lost some SD cards in the past which is very frustrating as I usually fill these cards up fully before moving onto the next on which in hindsight isn’t a great decision but everybody does it.

Our friends over at Peli offered to send over their 0915 Memory Card Case I was really happy about this as it would allow me to store my SD Cards easily. This came really quickly and although it came in Bolster packaging it was incredibly easy to open up with a scalpel. The packaging is quite big for the product which is not the most environmentally friendly although it protects it well during transit.

PeliThe case can hold 12 full size SD cards, 6 Micro SD card and 6 Mini SD cards and I haven’t seen a device use a Mini SD card in years and the last that used it was my dad’s Nokia 6288 so I can’t really understand why the Mini SD card slots are still there and I would’ve appreciated 6 Micro SD card slots instead of the.

Taking a look around the actual case we have the Peli logo on the top which is pretty simplistic and won’t look out-of-place in a photographer’s bag. The cool thing is that there is a little hook on the side which will allow you to clip this to your belt or attach it to your bag.

PeliThe bottom has an imprint which says open which I find it a bit pointless because I doubt that anybody
who just looks at it once won’t understand how to open it. The clip mechanism is kind of perfect, it’s not too tight but it’s not loose either which does make it easy to take out an SD card if you are ever in a situation where you can only use one hand to open it.

Inside the left hand side has the Mini SD cards which are beneath the full size slots and the right has the spaces for the Micro SD cards and the full size slots. If you are trying to get a card out then you will notice there is some movement because of the bottom and top panels being curved.

PeliThe amount of tension inside the slots is also really ideal and also allows you to remove the cards with a single hand. I have come across some card holders which don’t have any space to remove the cards and you must have fingernails to remove the cards but fortunately this has a little semi-circle above which allows you to easily pull the card out from the slot and this semi-circle is above all of the slots including the Mini and Micro SD Card slots.

I had heard that Peli products are incredibly durable and are able to sustain being chucked in a bag and they look impeccable. This is something I can definitely endorse as I’ve got the metal charger and the metal on the camera body obviously hits against this when moving around but the case looks as pristine as it did when I opened it and I have been really happy with this because I hate things I own looking dirty or damaged and this will definitely protect my SD Cards whilst also looking cool yourself.Peli
I have this now kept in my camera bag as it means all of my camera equipment is in one place and if I do need to leave with my camera and the necessary equipment it does mean I’m not running around looking for a SD card with space. I am extremely happy with this and grateful to Peli for allowing me to test this out.

Buy it here on Peli’s site: 

Peli 0915 Memory Card Case


Build quality




Storage Space







  • Great Build Quality
  • Good amount of tension on the clasp
  • Easy One-Hand Usability


  • Fairly Expensive
  • Hook is fairly small

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