Olixar Power Up Kit – Good Things, Small Package

With a tagline of “live smart, accessorise smarter”, you could probably guess what sort of products Olixar deliver to the market, right? We’re looking at the Olixar Power Up Kit here and there are some very handy accessories for the travellers amongst you. Let’s dive in.

Olixar Power Up Kit

This unit comes with a lot of what most individuals would need when they are travelling. Nobody wants to be carrying multiple cables, chargers and the like around, so Olixar have put together this kit, in a small travel friendly package, to tide you over. Here’s what you get:

  • 2500 mAh PocketPower Portable Charger
  • 2 x retractable USB A, to dual microUSB/Lightning cables
  • Travel wall outlet for interchangeable plug fittings, with 4 USB ports
  • 4 x interchangeable travel plugs
  • Power Up Kit Manual


Olixar Power Up KitPlugging The Gap – Olixar Power Up Kit

Let’s take a look at the travel plug set to start with. It’s made from a glossy white polycarbonate plastic and the pins to house the interchangeable heads are very sturdy. Those who have used cheaper alternative interchangeable products will know that the last statement is important. If you want a product like this to be used across multiple trips, the plug pins are going to be tested! There are 4 plug heads covering the EU, UK, US and Australia and all sit happily on the unit with a satisfying click. A small plastic level can be depressed to easily switch out the plug type too.

On the rear of the product are the 4 USB ports. Each port is capable of 2.4A output, to a total of 4.8A across the ports if all utilised. A Quick Charge 3.0 port would have been nice, but that would bump up the price thanks to the Qualcomm licensing requirement.

Pocket Power – Olixar Power Up Kit

Moving on, we have the 2500 mAh battery. Off the bat, in our testing we found that this unit was around 80% efficient and as such could deliver a maximum output across its full charge of around 2000 mAh. This was sufficient to give our OnePlus 3 a quick boost over the course of a tough day on the juice.

It has a nice metallic feel with a rounded edge and the surprise package is sitting at that top edge; the power cable. Pulling at the side of the unit sees the squared power cable come free of the unit, and reveals a microUSB cable. Once the cable springs free, there is another little surprise underneath it; a Lightning adapter. Cleverly hidden, the Lightning adapter is pulled free by pressing the microUSB cable into the adapter. It’s one of the tidiest methods of storing a built-in cable we’ve seen, as well as providing a common adapter – awesome!

The only downside here is the size of the unit (closer to 5000 mAh would have been awesome) and the output. At 1A your devices will take quite a bit longer to charge, but at least you’ve got the option with something this small, so we appreciate it all the same.

Clever Cables – Olixar Power Up Kit

Then we have the retractable cables, two of them! With a wingspan of around 70cm they are plenty long enough, and even are a nice flat cable too. USB Type A to Lightning connectivity is available at first glance, but once more, these have a little surprise of their own. Pull at the Lightning connector to reveal a microUSB tip for added versatility. Another awesome little feature.

All of our nitpicks are purely suggestions for the future really, and don’t detract from the set of accessories Olixar have provided here. They all feel quality, all have good build quality, and have satisfying clicks on the adapters in question. We haven’t even mentioned the hardened carry case that you get with these units, but again, it’s a lovely little set and if you’re a traveller this could be the basis of a lot of charging tech you’d normally take with you. Plus there is added room in the carry case for more, perhaps a USB Type-C cable as sadly there’s none on show here.

For just under £34 at the time of writing, you could perhaps source the individual components cheaper elsewhere, but the versatility of the units you get (multiple plugs, both microUSB and Lightning connectivity across the board) we’d suggest the value in this package, with the carry case as well, is quite frankly brilliant. Olixar are a known quantity and we have had no issues using the units at all. Whilst the are areas that could be improved, of the units included we can’t complain about any of its performance. An excellent little package

Olixar Power Up Kit


Build Quality









  • Key components in place
  • Good build quality
  • Great design
  • Good price


  • No USB Type C
  • Slightly small power bank

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