Olixar ArmourDillo OnePlus 5 Case: Not Pretty, But Functional

Over at IFA 2017 I was looking for something that I could use to protect my OnePlus 5. I usually utilise some form of screen protector but for some reason I didn’t on the OP5, and required something a little more durable than the bumper I’d purchased with it. I hit up Olixar and they sent out their Olixar ArmourDillo case through MobileFun. Here’s what I thought during my time using it at IFA 2017.

Olixar ArmourDillo

Olixar ArmourDilloI know, it’s not overly pretty is it? As evidenced above, it comes in two parts in a small bag with nothing else included. The black portion is the rugged hard plastic casing that keeps the Olixar ArmourDillo in shape and protected, and fits over the Blue casing which surrounds the OnePlus 5 itself. It’s not a premium feeling case. and no amount of dBrand skinning would help that here.


It’s a firm and precise fit and I personally didn’t think it felt too bulky in the hand. I currently use one of the OnePlus 5 carbon cases that can be purchased from their store and whilst that is super slim and equally hard plastic in design, it doesn’t feel particular svelte compared to this. The grippy nature of the back of the Black section can be off-putting to those that like only a little extra grip to their phone. No choices here – you’ll get a lot more grip.

The cut outs are all perfect as you’d expect and the volume and power button overlays are acceptable in terms of actuation compared to the original buttons they protect. The alert slider however has a cut out that not only collects dust, but is recessed significantly making it difficult to move it up and down. That was slightly annoying.

The real value add to a case like this however is the included stand. On the back of the Black section is a folded up hard plastic stand which can be popped out and stood up at around a 40 degree angle for movie watching and the like. It certainly did the job for me on a flat surface, but due to the limited movement of the stand and the fact that it is quite small in length, it meant that anything other than a perfectly flat surface cause it issues.

Olixar ArmourDillo

This is a cheap case. It looks a little cheap, feels a bit cheap and, well, it doesn’t cost a lot – cheap! However it does the business. I can’t say I’m still using it, but I can say that during the time I did over at IFA it served me well. As a cheaper alternative to some rugged cases, it has its merits, but if you’re all about that aesthetic then look at other Olixar offerings.

Olixar ArmourDillo


Build Quality









  • Cheap
  • Protects fully
  • Nice little stand


  • Alert slider is difficult to get to
  • Cheap looking and feeling

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