Oclean X Pro Elite Review: Sonic Smartness

We should probably all do our bit to stunt the growing stereotype that the “British have bad teeth”, right? Years of drinking fizzy drinks did for my teeth, so I’m particularly intrigued by the Oclean X Pro Elite as a product, and just what it can do. Claiming to be deathly quiet, having smart features, and delivering fast charging are all great specs on paper, but ultimately, how does it clean your toothy pegs?

Oclean X Pro Elite
  • Extremely quiet
  • Powerful brushing actions
  • Good battery life
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Companion app needs work
  • No real-time feedback

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Oclean provided this device in exchange for a full and fair review. Oclean has had no editorial input as to the final article and no money has exchanged hands. The Oclean X Pro Elite was reviewed over 2 weeks.

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What is the Oclean X Pro Elite? Yes, it’s a smart toothbrush. Nothing groundbreaking. Smart and IoT technology is found in all walks of life now from refrigerators, to kettles, and even to trainers. It’s no surprise that there are smart toothbrushes. After all, dental hygiene is perhaps one of the fastest-growing personal health areas in the UK due to just how controllable it is. We have the technology now to clean our teeth adequately, and regular checkups prevent issues down the road.

The Oclean X Pro Elite is just one of Oclean’s dental-focused range, with water-flossers and sterilisers adding to the plethora of toothbrushes on offer. The X Pro Elite sits neatly in the middle of their range of smart toothbrushes, whilst sitting at the top of their “ultra-quiet” range.

The X Pro Elite has a brushed grey finish to the overall design, with a colour screen front and centre. This screen shows the various modes and controls the duration. Beneath the screen is the on/off button and further to the bottom is an Oclean logo. There are no ports of any kind on the toothbrush, and instead, the device is to be wirelessly charged with the included charging pad.

The Oclean X Pro Elite comes complete with a charging cradle, magnetic wall mount and a user manual. There’s a 2-year guarantee included also.


  • 42,000 RPM Strong Power
  • Large-sized Color Touchscreen
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • 32 Intensities* for Clean Mode
  • 35 Days Battery life
  • Wireless Quick Charging 2.0
  • Wall-Mounted Holder
  • IPX7 Waterproof

In The Box

  • 1 x Toothbrush & Brush Head
  • User Manual
  • Charger & Holder
  • USB Cable

Performance & Use

When picking up the Oclean X Pro Elite it just feels different to every other electric toothbrush I’ve used. It feels sleek and premium, but also strangely lightweight. Usually ‘premium’ and ‘lightweight’ aren’t good bedfellows, but here they sit in harmony. There’s enough space under the smart screen for a grip to give you control when cleaning too.

I’m used to using a fairly standard Oral B electric toothbrush which makes my head rattle with the noise, but at least gives me a reassuring feeling it’s doing something when in use. By contrast, the Oclean X Pro Elite is quiet, limited in perceivable movement, and gentle.

That noise is limited to just a maximum of 45db according to the marketing and is achieved by a maglev system within the Oclean X Pro Elite to limit the overall movement. There’s still some serious vibration going on though, with the Oclean device achieving 42,000 RPM with 32 individual levels of intensity when in certain modes.

The touch screen is bright and has vibrant colours, and can be used to control the duration of a brush, the cleaning mode and pressure. Four cleaning modes can be set here, and these can be tweaked in the companion app too:

  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Massage
  • White

The full menu structure is:

  • Cleaning mode
  • Brushing intensity
  • Brushing time
  • About..

When using the Oclean X Pro Elite not only can I attest to the quietness of the device, but it feels less invasive than other brushes of a similar nature. It’s not shaking my head or causing any undue stress to my teeth or surrounding gums.

What makes the Oclean X Pro Elite a smart toothbrush is the inclusion of a 6-axis gyroscope and pressure sensors. Together these track the position of your toothbrush whilst brushing and plots this data within the application. This is where things get trippy!

A Cluttered App

There’s a dashboard to begin with which is relatively intuitive showing the latest brush effectiveness, and allowing further deep dives with a tap, as well as allowing you to further customise your plan (pick from a few standards or create your own completely customised one).

Hit the “effectiveness” button and you’re taken to a deep dive of the last brush. Duration, pressure and coverage area are all rated and can be tapped on for more data. The coverage area is perhaps the most interesting item to look at, as it shows the time spent on each area of your mouth. You can also add more information to enable the Oclean X Pro Elite to choose a profile for your cleaning. Enter in your drinking and smoking habits and your teeth colour and just tap the brush to get started.

Overall though, I felt the app to be a little cluttered and overwhelming to get any real value from it. I know I’ll keep checking back at the coverage area as that did seem rather accurate, but the pressure piece seemed a little wayward.

Wirelessly Charged Toothbrush?

Battery life was good, as expected, and seems to hit the marketed 35-day battery life, dependant on the modes chosen, and extrapolated from my 2-week review period. When the juice does run low, it’s lovely to be able to throw it on the wireless charging dock (or any other Qi pad you have lying around).

Final Thoughts

The Oclean X Pro Elite is a lovely device, showing the harmony that can be achieved between health and technology for consumers. I just love when technology is used to enhance our health and not just to pander to the FOMO crowd. It is sleek and powerful, yet quiet, and has wireless charging to boot. As a toothbrush, it’s excellent.

Where the Oclean X Pro Elite falls a little however is in some of the nuances of how to brush and the measurements received from the brush. There is some small print guidance on just how to position the toothbrush when brushing (45-degree angle to the teeth if you’re wondering) but I’d love to have seen this in a small tutorial on the app. Additionally, there is no pressure notification during brushing that shows whether you’re doing a good job.

The app, whilst a great thing to have, never quite lives up to the fit and finish of its companion device. For example, despite achieving a score of 100 (out of 100) for my very first clean, I received only a “middle” score for pressure, indicating I need to either apply more or less when brushing. I’m still none the wiser as to which, and why my score is still perfect due to it!

If you’re after something a little more “tech-inspired” than your manual brush, the Oclean X Pro Elite is a great brush to have. It’s quieter than many competitors and has some nice smart functions. Just be aware, that, to date, the app needs some work.

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