MUJJO Full Leather Case Review – iPhone 12 Pro Max

MUJJO is a name that I first heard from British Youtuber MrThaiBox123 a few years back who always raved about the quality of finish and was always one of his go-to case brands so when I had the opportunity to test out a case, I was only happy to oblige. I put the MUJJO Full Leather Case on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the rest is history.

MUJJO Full Leather Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Incredibly light
  • Minimal bulk
  • Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Protects camera modules
  • Buttons hard to press
  • Lack of bottom lip

Buy on Amazon UK – £45

The packaging the case came in was consistent with the brands refined website and social media pages. A trifold design on the box encompassed a series of reviews by publications such as Forbes, Cult of Mac & PC Mag. MUJJO has emphasised features of the case in a very Apple-esque way.

“Fully wrapped with premium quality leather to create a super slim profile following the contours of the device”

My first thought when I took the case out of the box was the sheer lightness of the case. Weighing only 28g which takes the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s weight from 226g to 254g is hardly noticeable.

The fit around the phone is very snug and can be a little difficult when getting the phone in and out, but I doubt you would be doing this step very much as I only tend to change cases every few months. There is a lip around the front of the display which is handy as it means that it’ll reduce the risk of scratches and even though I have a glass screen protector on, the lip is still decently sized.

I have had no issues accessing the mute switch as there is enough room to get your fingernail in, but I tend to leave my phone in silent mode anyway so it’s not that much of a hassle for me.

The cases buttons can easily be found due to the level they protrude out of the side of the case with great separation between the volume up and volume down buttons. However, there is some give on the buttons before you eventually end up pressing the phone’s button which can be a little deceiving if you aren’t paying attention to the screen for the corresponding action. This may disappear over time especially as the full-grain vegetarian tanned leather wears in similar to traditional leather but will definitely take some getting used to at the start.

The case adds a little bit of bulk around the phone but somehow the smoother curves of the case actually make it easier to hold the case compared to if I held the phone naked. The boxier design of the iPhone 12 series is definitely visually striking, but its sharper edges dig into your hands much more than the past few generations of iPhones.

MUJJO’s Monaco Blue shade has been designed to pick up hints of purple and green in different lighting scenarios representing a cloudless midnight sky or the inky shades of the deep ocean. I personally wasn’t able to see the green tones at all but I think the lack of sun recently may constitute as part of the reason.

Regardless the Monaco Blue is a stunning shade of blue and it complements the Pacific Blue shade of my iPhone 12 Pro Max incredibly well. If you own a graphite iPhone I also think that Monaco Blue would suit that shade effortlessly.

Having a raised lip around the camera definitely helps protect the iPhone’s multiple camera modules as they are much more prone to getting scratched when placed on a flat surface. The case almost eliminates this rocking motion as the thickness of the case significantly reduces the gap.

Even though the case is vegetarian leather, I do expect it to behave very similar to a traditional leather case and for it to start showing wear after a few months but I guess that it’s a trade-off when you are using a case made of this type of material.

One thing I do find a little annoying is the fact that the case doesn’t fully surround the whole display and there is no bottom lip which means if you drop your phone and it falls straight down, the chance of the display and bottom of the phone being damaged in the process is significantly higher.

I get why MUJJO chose to make this decision as I compared this to another case which does have a bottom lip and the MUJJO feels more effortless and the visual appeal is much higher since a fairly significant amount of that stunning underlying finish of the iPhone is visible. But given the choice of a case with a bottom lip or not, I would opt for a case with a lip.

Wireless charging works without any problems so if you want to use a standard Qi charger then you should have no issues at all. But I can’t say the same about Apples new MagSafe charging as I don’t have a MagSafe charger to hand to test, and since Apple’s first party cases have additional magnets in the cases to allow for charging, I think it would be safe to say it’s probably going to be intermittent at best and non-functional at worst.

MUJJO offers a version of this case with a slot for up to 2 cards which is handy if you don’t like to carry a wallet around as you could put 2 cards or a driving licence and card. This is available for an additional £5 from MUJJO’s site.

Overall MUJJO has created a stunning case which provides a level of finesse that would you would expect to see on the premium iPhone 12 Pro devices. Its opulence is something very few cases can match up to and it’s something I can recommend highly.

If you did want to purchase this yourself, you can grab this from MUJJO’s website alongside their other cases and accessories here.

We are also working hard on the iPhone 12 Pro Max review so stay tuned to our social channels and the site for our coverage.

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  1. The mujjo case isn’t vegetarian leather, it’s vegetable-tanned leather. I hope any vegans haven’t bought one thinking it’s faux leather 🙂

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