MOS Pack Review: My new king of the backpacks?

Who doesn’t use a backpack? Exactly. But, finding the right backpack gets harder almost every day due to the ever so crowded backpack market. Lots of manufacturers give their try to make the best backpack, today I’ll be taking a look at the MOS Pack. Does it stand out from the crowd? Let’s find it out…


Disclaimer: Although MOS Organizer did provide me (Jeffrey) with the backpack, they had no influence on the editorial outcome of the review. The backpack has been tested during my travels from and to school for a total of 5 weeks or 25 days.


  • Volume: 20L
  • Dimensions (CM): 45 x 30 x 12,5
  • Fits laptops up to 15.6”
  • Features 600d en 1000d anti-tear Nylon


Before I started testing the MOS Pack I used the XD-Design Bobby which I also tested for MobileTechTalk, which I called out to be the best backpack I had ever used. Its build quality was amazing, and MOS is doing a great job on the built of the Pack as well.


For the exterior part of the backpack MOS is using anti-tear 600d Nylon, while this sounds great. This doesn’t give me any idea about the durability of the material used on the bag, but rest assured, it seems to be really durable. At the bottom of the backpack, which probably gets hit the hardest by the wear and tear of using the backpack MOS is using anti-tear 1000d Nylon. Which once again held up amazingly well in my review period. If I would get a cloth to clean it up it would most likely look just like it just arrived from the factory.

MOS is making use of high quality zippers from YKK, and they’re doing a fantastic job. No need to put enormous amounts of power to open it, nor does it simply open after you closed it. The perfect combination…


The straps of the backpack feel really solid as well, I don’t think they’ll have any issues to survive you a lifetime. The only thing that worries me a bit is the handle, as it’s tearing on one side already. I’m contacting MOS about it and will keep you updated about the situation.


If you would see this back on the street it won’t make you turn around your head. Simplicity is key with this backpack, and that’s something you can clearly find back in the design of the product. Everything is made in a way so it can be as functional as possible, every pocket is easily reachable and on the inside, everything is designed to carry your everyday tech.


The grey (slate) color actually looks pretty good together with the black Nylon at the bottom of the backpack and all the black zippers with an orange accent. Small details like on the zippers make this backpack different, and that’s sometimes just what we need. Especially with a backpack that’s focused on the tech-savvy and “functionality first” people.


Functionality is key for a backpack, there’s no other reason why you would otherwise buy one. And especially a backpack like this one from companies like MOS. MOS took their time to figure everything out and did an amazing job on the backpack.

The backpack is built around the fact that in the US you’ll most likely order the Pack with the MOS Reach included in the packaging. This gives you the possibility to just place all your devices in the bag and plug them into the power outlet located at the bottom of the backpack while just plug the Reach into the wall socket. Whether this is something that’s actually useful is something you may decide on your own.


As I’m in the EU and there’s no European or UK version of the Reach that feature isn’t something I can use, though I can make use of the very handy cable routing system. The backpack is divided into two separate pockets, the large back pocket in which you’ll be able to fit a 15” laptop and a small tablet and lots of books. The other pocket is a lot smaller and provides space to fit some more books and tiny accessories.

At the top of the backpack you can find the special pocket made for sunglasses or whatever you want to fit in it, for me it was very useful to put my phone in it during my exams a few weeks ago. At last we’ve got the tiny pocket up front to fit some very small items including wallets, pencils etc.

MOS mentions that this bag can hold up to 20L, and I really enjoyed all the space I had compared to the way smaller Bobby backpack I talked about earlier on in this review. No more squeezing in my books, I always had more than plenty of space to fit in all the items I needed for the day. And on a busy Monday that includes more than 7 books with an average thickness of 2cm, 6 small notebooks, a large stuffed pencil-case and a 0,5L water bottle.

Comfort is a key area for me as my bag tends to get pretty heavy relatively quickly. The straps of the MOS Pack are a bit of a letdown, offering almost 0 on my comfort scale whereas the back of the backpack is really amazing and offers all the back support you’d ever need. Though I wouldn’t say the straps are really uncomfortable, it could use some more work…


It’s time to wrap up this review for you, and I’m happy to let you know that I’ll keep on using the backpack, even after the reviewing period. It may not be as comfortable as the Bobby or offer the same kind of design language which I really started loving while using the Bobby. This backpack offers more, the design is something I really enjoy; functionality over looks, the build quality is really good if we would keep the handle as a one-off issue, and you can fit so much inside this bag…

The strap could be a bit more comfortable though, but that shouldn’t hold you back if you liked everything else you read and saw in this review… For $79,95 you can get the MOS Pack on the official MOS Organizer store in three different colors (Granite, Slate and Onyx). And for that amount money you shouldn’t let this backpack run away from you…

MOS Pack


Build quality









  • Almost too functional
  • Pricing is just right...
  • Looks like the task it needs to perform
  • Top notch build quality, though...


  • there are some issues with the handle
  • Strap

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