MasterSpace Pacum Review: When You Absolutely Need To Fit More In Your Case

I travel quite a bit with my job and carry a few standard bags with me. Whether it’s to tech events, bringing tripods, cameras, laptops, cables and chargers, or one or two day stays with my bag consisting of clothes in the main, I’m always left wishing I’d brought that one thing I left out to avoid airline charges or additional bulk. Enter the MasterSpace Pacum. Vacuum your space woes away!

MasterSpace Pacum
  • Very portable
  • Good suction power
  • Runs from a power bank
  • No included battery
  • Slow inflation

Buy from MasterSpace – $59.99

What Is The MasterSpace Pacum?

If the introduction hasn’t given you a good understanding of what the Pacum actually is, here’s the long and short. It’s a small little device that can be run from a battery bank or USB outlet to suck the air out of (or push air into – more on that later) vacuum bags and compress the contents. No more sitting on your suitcase to make that last pair of shorts fit!

The video below will do a much better job of showing you than I will with text.

The reason this immediately resonated with me is I’m constantly having to pick what I take with me in terms of clothes when going on a trip as I’m usually augmenting my travel case with cables, and technology.

In The Box

The MasterSpace Pacum package includes a few adapters for pumping air (it does this too), as well as an adapter for vacuum bags of different sizes, a small carry bag, Type-C USB cable and a reasonably sized vacuum bag to get you started. It’s also available in Red, White and Black colour options if this actually matters for a product such as this. I doubt you’re going to be displaying this on your tech shelf (what, you don’t have such a thing?) at home.

Given the entire reason for this device to exist is to save space, I’m happy to say the Pacum device is small and portable by design. The included adapters and carry case are too, so you can quite happily put this in a pocket, bag or backpack and whip it out again when you need it for your return journey.

Those adapters consist of a football inflation needle, adapters for inflatables (think rubber dingy), and a suction disc that will allow the Pacum to work on all suction bags.

The Pacum is powered via USB Type-C which is good to see, and once plugged in, can easily be controlled by the three buttons on its side; an inflation mode, as well as ECO and Boost suction modes. Whilst Super mode sucks up more air, it’s obviously noisier, and I can’t see the reasoning behind including multiple modes. Perhaps ECO mode would be a good idea if there was an included battery, but sadly the Pacum must be run from a power source. Luckily though, this can be run from something as trivial as a power bank, something many people now carry with them whilst on their travels.

In Use

MasterSpace Pacum

I tested the Pacum with my normal suitcase that comes with me pretty much everywhere and threw in a number of clothes. The process was speedy enough and the compression rate was more than adequate and I could fit much more in the suitcase afterwards; the Pacum is fit for purpose, although I do now need to watch the weight limit a little more as I stuff it full! I also tried the Pacum out on a football, and a small inflatable (drinks holder for the pool!) and whilst it managed well here it was slower to push air than to pull it leading me to believe larger inflatables might struggle to fully inflate or take a lot longer than would be necessary via a manual pump.

Final Thoughts

The Pacum from MasterSpace managed to pull in over £230,000 of funding during their IndieGoGo campaign, so there is an obvious market for saving space out there. The Pacum doesn’t just manage space for travellers. I have put old clothes, winter bedding, and more in vacuum bags before to store conveniently. Pacum also blows; by that I mean the inflation mode can assist with footballs and other air-filled products too due to the included adapters. Just don’t expect them to be anywhere near as speedy as the vacuum/suction mode.

Considering how portable the Pacum is I would normally recommend this sort of product highly. I still do, but there are two caveats for me. Firstly, include a small internal battery to allow it to run off its own steam. Granted, inflating or compressing large products will tax it more but the option for smaller tasks not to have it plugged in (to the wall or a power bank) would be nice. Secondly, adjust the price. You’re paying a startup premium here. Electric pumps exist and can be small (if not as small as the Pacum) too, for a much lower price.

If you absolutely have to fit more in your travel case, the Pacum is a handy, pocketable product to have around!

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