Lker One Review, are these headphones worth the price?

Lker One, wait what, who? To be honest, I hadn’t heard about this brand until I got these headphones in for review and if we start talking in stereotype language: “if you haven’t heard about it, it probably won’t be as good as the more recognized brands”. Does that count for these headphones as well? You’ll read that in my full review of the Lker One headphones.

Let’s take a look at the specifications first and foremost.


Connectivity: Wired
Connecting interface: 2.5mm / 3.5mm
Application: Mobile Phone, Computer, Portable Media Player
Plug interface: Full-sized
Cable length: 1.4±0.15m
Sensitivity: 118±3 dB
Microphone sensitivity: -42±3dB
Frequency response: 20~20KHz
Microphone frequency: 100 – 10000Hz
Microphone impedance: Max. 2.2KOhm 1KHz (RL = 2.2KOhm)

The moment I unboxed these headphones I was pretty damn surprised by the way these headphones look, especially if you take in account that you can get these headphones for just under £50. The headband is mostly covered in the fake type of leather, and it actually feels really good. One part of the headband is covered by plastic though, and compared to the feel of the rest of the headphones, it feels a bit cheap.

Lker One-Review-1


The ear cups are covered by the same type of fake leather used on the headband, and although it feels great on the headband, a different material here would’ve been appreciated, but more on that later. The outsides of the ear cup are covered by metal, something I didn’t expect to see in this price range but certainly something I can appreciate.

This is a point where the Lker One seems to be having a small issue, although it may just be my unit. 95 percent of the headphone is built like a champ, though there’s a place where it fails to meet my expectations. I haven’t had a headphone where the screws came loose, making the plastic part to come off. That can’t be good can it? This mostly happened while I wanted to use these headphones and I was setting the headband in the right way, probably putting too much force on the screws which then sometimes makes them decide to just jump out of their holes. We have requested another pair to see if this was just us and we’ll update this review with our findings.

Lker One-Review-2
The screws you can see are the ones that came loose

This happened only a few times, but it just shouldn’t happen, no matter how inexpensive/expensive a product is. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it may just be my unit being defective. So if you’re looking for some decent headphones make sure you just keep on reading.

Reviewing a product means that I can’t always use them the way I would always use them. Not everyone uses headphones the same way, so to find out how it would be for the average consumer I’ve been listening to all kinds of music, on all kinds of devices. The devices I’ve used to test out these headphones are: OnePlus One, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and my gaming PC. Oh yeah, I’ve also used my old MP3 player. Yes, I still have one of these!

As for when I used these headphones, I actually used them every single day of the week, and they completely replaced the in-ear headphones I’ve been using to listen to music for the past few years.

Here we go, and whilst I’m certainly no expert here, I’ll simply tell you how it sounded for me. If you’re looking for some serious quality sounding audio, these headphones simply aren’t for you.

If I would compare these headphones with my old Philips headphones which costed me about €10, this sounds around 1000x better. I was actually able to hear things I wouldn’t hear on other headphones and that’s just partially the fault of my old headphones. These Lker One headphones are surprisingly good. I even test them with my brother who listened to some music on it.

“These headphones give a nice a full sound. It is lacking some bass though, but for the price it’s certainly a good pair of headphones.”

Yeah, sure, you can’t compare it with $100/200 headphones, but these headphones come in at only £49, and you simply can’t ask a lot more for that price. To wrap this up, I’m really happy with the results of testing these headphones, no matter which device I used though it was clear that my PC was in the lead in terms of quality sound output.

Sound quality is really important, but it’s not the be all and end all of a headphone product anymore. If the unit doesn’t sit comfortably, I’m sure as hell not going to recommend anyone to buy it. The latter isn’t the case with these headphones though, I could wear them for hours at a time, and I wouldn’t be able to notice the headphones sitting on my head, besides the fact I was listening to music of course. Very comfortable indeed.

Lker One-Review-3


There’s one thing you’ll need to take into account when buying these headphones though. If you tend to sweat a lot, the material used on the headband and ear cups won’t make you extremely happy and is likely to exacerbate the sweating. The material feels good, but after wearing it during the hot days here I would’ve wished for a different kind of material.

There isn’t a whole lot to tell here, they included a case to carry these headphones with you. The case offers a lot of protection, more than you would probably ever need. Alright, if you start throwing the units around with the case you may need it, but that’s about it.


In the case there’s also room for the cable which you’ll need to detach if you want to use the case, and if you’ve got something else that’s tiny it may fit into there as well. All in all it’s an adequate setup.


Let’s get to the last part of my review of the Lker One headphones, answering the question whether you should or shouldn’t be buying these headphones?

If I had £49 laying around somewhere in my house and I was really looking for a new and obviously cheap pair of headphones, I’d go for it. Even though there is something not quite right with the build quality, that may be, and it probably is, just my unit. Aside from that, you won’t regret it, that’s something I can guarantee you! The audio quality from units at this price point are great and if you don’t get the build quality issues I had, you get a bargain in my opinion.

Would I recommend these headphones over the ones from the more “recognised” brands? I think that in this price range, the answer is yes. The product offers a nice design, the sound is above average for this price point and besides the ear cups, it’s very comfortable overall. A nice product.

Lker One




Build quality


Sound quality







  • Used materials
  • Sound quality
  • Comfort


  • Used materials again
  • Build quality

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