Kosox Laptop Sleeve

If you believe the Amazon product page, this Kosox Laptop Sleeve is firmly for the fairer sex. We thought it looked nice and presented a bit of value add, so here’s our review of the Kosox Laptop Sleeve.

Kosox Laptop Sleeve

There was a song by a very famous artist once. It started with “This is a man’s world..” but went on to rightly point out that it probably shouldn’t be. It’s 2016 and technology is, despite a few notably exceptions, dominated by the male of the species in terms of design for the most part. Just take a look at the range of Android Wear devices? There aren’t many made for smaller wrists or that are, to put it bluntly, appealing for female tastes.

It is starting to change however, and products like this help. We’re not saying this is exclusively for Women, and nor are we saying that all Women will find this product attractive or indeed useful, we simply believe that a company attempting to create alternative and perhaps more historically feminine products isn’t a bad thing. Personally, there’s a few guys on the MTT staff who’d like the look of this (EiC: Me!)

Let’s take a look at the product itself then. This 13.3″ laptop sleeve is draped in soft PU microfiber leather which by proxy provide some water resistance. We hesitate to use waterproof as the product page does, as there doesn’t seem to be any official ratings, but the leather blend on the outside should provide some protection. In our package we got the 13.3″ sleeve, as well as a smaller accessory pouch which could be very handy whether used alongside or completely separate to it’s larger companion.


Firstly, the 13.3″ sleeve is very soft to the touch. It feels (and smells – but that’s weird) great. There are two branded zips either side of the pouch as well as one to the bottom right of the device that opens independently, and only a short way, presumably to provide access to wires without taking units out of the sleeve. A nice touch. The zips are made of metal also which might sound like a throwaway comment, but too often plastic zips become brittle and break. It’s nice to have some sturdy materials in use.


  • 13.3″ Sleeve – Interior Size:350 x 240 x 20mm
  • Accessory Bag – 170 x 130 x 22mm

If you believe 13.3″ will be too big for the tiny little netbook you have, there are 11.6″ options as well as larger 15.4″ to cater for most laptop needs. The 13.3″ easily holds the likes of a Dell Chromebook 11, Dell XPS 13, Acer Aspire 13.3″ and no doubt a plethora of other units too. Just use the dimensions as a guide.

Kosox Laptop Sleeve

Inside the Kosox Laptop Sleeve is a gorgeous plus lining which they call “Champagne Encryption”. We can’t possibly be that pretentious so we’ll call it faux-fur. It’s absolutely lovely and there’s no chance of your devices being scratch on the inside of this sleeve! It’s also very thick. When feeling the outside of the sleeve, it’s evident how much padding the inner lining gives to the overall product. Excellent.

The accessory bag is a nice to have also featuring two mesh pockets either side of the divide to house wires and other accessories. The lovely lining doesn’t extend to this product, but it’s just nice to have a companion. During our brief testing, we put the charging units of our laptop into the accessory bag, and put that in with our laptop in the main sleeve. Your mileage will vary depending on the size of the laptop but we had no space issues albeit it did feel quite bulky.

If you’re in the market for a laptop sleeve, we’d wholeheartedly recommend this; Woman or Man – it’s an excellent product. Aesthetic opinions to one side, objectively for £21.99 (and only £22.99 for the 15.4″ version) it’s a great option for those looking for a minimalist laptop case.

Kosox Laptop Sleeve


Material Quality











  • Accessory bag included
  • Excellent design
  • Lovely material choices
  • Good price


  • Optional straps would be nice

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