Jabra Move Wireless: Good, or good enough?

Listening to music is just a part of my life, just like writing reviews and going to school. That’s why I set out to test the Jabra Move Wireless headphones, are these pair of headphones what I’m searching for in terms of audio quality? Let’s find it out in my full review, today!

First of all, I would like to thank Jabra for providing the headphones for review. As always, they had no influence on the editorial outcome of this review.


  • Frequency range: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Speaker size: 40mm Dynamic Speaker
  • Charging via MicroUSB
  • 8Hrs Battery life (listening to music)
  • 12Hrs Battery life (standby)


My first impressions when I took these out of the box were that they were really impressive, everything feels extremely solid. The entire structure is made of aluminium which gives it its extreme rigidity. All the materials used on the headphones are high quality, from the softer plastic on the ear cups to the fabric used on the headband. It feels like something that won’t break or be damaged anytime soon, and this is partly so because there simply isn’t a lot to break on these headphones. Furthermore, the buttons on the headphones are extremely solid, and during my period of testing I haven’t been able to find them wiggling around or anything like that.


The headband of this pair of Jabra headphones is pretty amazing as well. It feels really solid, it may be a bit hard to move around in the beginning, but is does guarantee that it won’t be moving while on your head that easily.


Of course, I had seen these headphones on pictures before I received them, but to be honest they look way better when you see them in front of you. Jabra sent me the red version of the Move headphones; the headphone is also available in the following colors: black, gold and blue.


As always, design is something where you need to step into the game. But the great mix between metal, plastic and fabric makes it look good. It may look a tad bit boring, but then again… that’s something I prefer. It’s just nice and clean, with some great attention to detail. Like with the nice flat wire in the color of your headphone, the nice fabric on the headband… It makes the Jabra Move Wireless into a complete package in terms of design.


It’s time for the next part, and probably the most import one, of the review. As always, I listed to a varied list of music to make up my mind about the true quality of the audio. After a while of reviewing mostly non-audio products it felt good to be back to the audio department.


The Jabra Move headphones makes use of either Bluetooth 4.0 or the 3.5mm jack for its audio input. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support AptX, Qualcomm’s Bluetooth audio enhancing hardware, especially if you’re looking into the price tag of the headphones it would’ve been a welcome addition.

During testing, I’ve mostly used Bluetooth to be able to listen to music. Jabra notes on their website that the Bluetooth range of the headphones are up to 10m. I’ve tried it and after 8 meters you’ll notice that you’re getting a little far away from the device connected to the headphones. But to be honest, why would you ever get that far away from the device it is connected to…

Then we’ve got the audio quality; let’s start away with the bass, and that’s something I found to be great on these headphones. Especially while listening to them via Bluetooth. From time to time I really like some good bass, although that’s something personally. Some of you may really enjoy the bass provided while others say it may be a bit too subtle… I’m not an audiophile, and I’m therefore not diving too deep into all the audio related stuff. What I can say is that the overall audio signature is pretty good. Although, that is without looking at its price tag, which is certainly a bit steep for the not better than average sound output out of these headphones.

There’s of course a difference while being connected over Bluetooth and while it was connected via the 3.5mm jack. Though I found the difference to be really minimal and it takes a while before you really notice the difference between the two.

Next is the battery life, where Jabra is claiming an amazing of up to 8hrs of listening or 12 days in standby. Well, no. I haven’t tested the latter because that would simply take too long, but the former one comes closer to 6hrs of listening to music at max. While this is pretty good, and I really don’t mind charging it after every 6-8hrs of listening to music, it doesn’t reach the claimed 8hrs.

At last I need to talk about the comfort of the headphones, and I can guarantee that you’ll love it. Most of the times when I’m sitting behind my PC that’s at least for 3-4hrs, which most of the times also means that I’m wearing the headphones for the same amount of time. The padding inside the ear cups feels great, not too stiff and not too soft which guarantees that you won’t have any pain or whatsoever after or during listening to music. Beware of the fact that this is a pair of on-ear headphones, so you may have preferences for that. It can get pretty hot when wearing it in a hot environment, but that’s not really what I would consider to be an issue.


This is for me always the hardest part of a review, writing to you – our reader – whether you should or shouldn’t consider buying it. The Jabra Move Wireless headphones come in at a price of about £60. The sound quality is good enough, and the battery life is also good enough. Looking at the build quality and the design you could say that I was pleased when at the moment when I took them out of the box, and I still am.

Overall the headphones are pretty good, and if you’re looking for a pair of headphones in the £60 price range, you should definitely check them out.

Jabra Move Wireless


Build quality









  • Used materials
  • Comfortable
  • Looking great


  • Pricing

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